Climate People

I have often found that figuring out whether a cause is worthy is just a matter of looking at the people supporting it. It is definitely a consideration for whether I’ll participate or not. I had no problem deciding to oppose ISIS at every level. A quick, but stomach churning, look at the search results for ISIS killing pictures should do it for any sane person.

The philosophy of a group of people sets the limits to which individuals in the group will go. Yet, every group has its wackadooles, the crazy out of touch people we find annoying but not overly dangerous. Groups also have some number of fanatics and radicals that range from crazy annoying to deadly dangerous. So, painting any group with a broad brush is usually misleading.

Christian charity workers help people all over the world. That doesn’t prove the existence of God, the accuracy of their beliefs, or provide a guarantee of each Christian’s character, but the general quality of the people and their devotion to a cause and how they treat people suggests they have a generally beneficial belief system and cause. It begs the question what is it about that belief system that leads so many onto caring about their fellow man?

Pic from - Actual image used by ISIS.

Pic from – Actual image issued by ISIS.

On the other hand I am reading of ISIS fighters beheading and burning alive people… All this in the name of God and the goal of world domination. I can find no merit in the cause of these people and how they treat other humans. I question the quality and thinking of such people, their philosophy, and the core belief system that seems to eliminate any care about fellow humans. This also begs the questions, what is it about their belief system (especially their personal belief systems) that leads so many toward conquest, slavery, rape, and brutal killing? What kind of people are these?  Continue reading

Net Neutrality Reveled …or NOT

We know the new proposed rules being placed on the Internet  total 332 pages. So far, that is about all we know. This week the FCC voted to adopt those proposed rules (3 yea – 2 nea). As yet they have not published those rules.

because you're mine

Because You’re Mine by Strawberry Singh, on Flickr

A number of pundits on the Right are claiming the failure to publish the 332 pages is a continuing cover up. Well… yes and no. But, I am disinclined to believe those claiming this publishing delay is a big deal.  Continue reading

Wireless Tech & The LAW

The FCC was placed in charge of radio signal broadcasting in 1934. It took over the duties of the Federal Radio Commission that licensed radio stations and that commission dated from 1927. Title II of the Communications Act, 1934, was based on concepts from taken from regulations regarding railroads…

Evil Clown Mask detail

Evil Clown

That the FCC controls the technical side of communication is not all bad. Without some measure of control we would have people pushing their signals into our TV’s and radios. Or frequencies would be so congested we would never get a clean signal. So, it is not all bad.  Continue reading

Net Neutrality Explained

It has been hard to get people to think about or research what Net Neutrality actually is. Also, few have noticed who is in favor of it. This video does a pretty good job of explaining it, except for free speech and government control aspects.

PS: If you haven’t heard of the Canadian Supreme Court ruling on healthcare see: The Canadian Supreme Court’s Ruling on Private Health Care. (2005) Text: Chaoulli v. Quebec.

Net Neutrality 2015-09

We still do not have the words  from the 332 pages of FCC rules that will be implemented in the name of Net Neutrality. What we do know is that a channel of free communication is being placed under ancient FCC Title II rules that already restrict what can be said on radio and TV. More and more people are waking up to another governmental power grab creating a government monopoly that will increase the cost of Internet service and cell phone plans. (Reference)

This was Wikipedia's Plea in 2012 - It has new meaning today - By: Wonderlane - Flickr

This was Wikipedia’s Plea in 2012 – It has new meaning today – By: Wonderlane – Flickr

Just as Americans for the first time are facing more of the actual cost of ACA (Obama-care) this tax season, 4+ years after its passage and the whole thing with 21 new taxes has yet to be fully implemented, in the next year we will start… and the keyword here is ‘start’, to see similar slow moving effects of the Net Neutrality change.  Continue reading

Is it Cold?

In the USA we are having ridiculously cold weather across the eastern two-thirds of the country, north to south. On the west coast side I have the windows open and the fan on. But, only on local stations are you hearing about how extensive and record breaking the cold is. Drudge Report has more of the ‘collected’ headlines today and those stories lead to more stories:


Continue reading

Net Neutrality Ending

The political battle for control of the Internet is being won by politicians, citizens are losing. This loss is very likely to  impact everyone in Second Life.

Consider. The news citizens can post on the Internet is mostly uncontrolled, as pure a case of freedom of speech as anyone has. For politicians this a disaster and a threat for their control and power. The Internet gives minorities, crazy or sane, a voice they have never had. Continue reading

Server Move

Some of you will have noticed the site was a mess for a few hours. I had done an update to WordPress and it did not go well. Go Daddy suggested we move from my Windows Server to Linux to solve some problems. I had been wanting to do that for some time. So, I swallowed and we went for it.

In the move they made a typo. It took a couple of hours to figure out what went wrong.

You’ll notice that most of the images disappeared. I am still sorting that out. I use Shortcodes Ultimate to work with images. Something in that plug-in didn’t work well with the transfer to Linux. So, I’ll have to hunt that change that down.

Plus I have to run through all the ASP pages I used in other sites in this servers and change them out. But, that is another story.