Religious Freedom

I find it quite convoluted that Progressive and Liberal politicians and reporters are fighting against a law that restricts the government from infringing on personal civil rights. Seems upside down to their stated beliefs.

"We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest"
“We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest” by Tony Fischer, on Flickr

If you have been listening to the news, you would think that Indiana’s law is a frontal attack on LGBT. Ridiculous. But, the uninformed seem to be so gullible the media and politicians get away with any perversion of facts.  Continue reading Religious Freedom

Net Neutrality Reactions

Once a government agency releases new rules and regulations various people and groups that think they may be affected start to read the regs to see what they may have to do and begin preparing. How many people in Second Life bother? Even with our ToS?

'And tomorrow some strangers will be climbing up the stairs.....
=”‘And tomorrow some strangers will be climbing up the stairs….. by Caitlin ‘Caity’ Tobias, on Flickr

The American Action Forum dug out a jewel of information:

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) itself at least 90 percent of the businesses that will bear the burden of the new Title II (utility-style) network neutrality regulations will be small businesses. As part of doing its business, the FCC must identify the burden of new rules on small business. As it turns out, 20,640 companies will be affected, ranging from “Broadband Internet Access Service Providers supplied over client supplied connections” (1,274), to “Wireless Telecommunications Carriers” (1,383), to “Satellite Telecommunications Providers” (570), “Cable and Other Program Distributors” (2,048), and so forth.

The site American Action Forum has a number of articles explaining the details of Net Neutrality. The short take is there will be fewer ISP’s and that always means higher prices and worse service.

Net Neutrality Update 2015 Week  13

The FCC has published the new rules they plan to implement. We have seen this routine before. We have history to tell us what is going to happen. It is not going to be pretty.

History and art mix in this case to predict the likely future if Net Neutrality stands. Even former supporters are lining up to fight it.

The history is the history of railroads and government regulation of them in America under laws VERY similar and in some cases the same laws and goals stated for Net Neutrality. The art is from a book written by Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged (published 1957). Many discount her book as the ravings of an ultra-conservative pro free market advocate. Few realize she spent years researching what she wrote about the railroads and laws of the day. Many are told she was pro-big-business. She was pro entrepreneur and free market.

When she completed her book that used railroads as a major element in the story she sent the manuscript to a ‘railroad expert’ of the day. She wanted an accuracy check. After reading the manuscript the expert asked her, “Do you realize all the laws and directives you invented are on our statute books already?”  Continue reading Net Neutrality Update 2015 Week  13

Source of Creativity?

I know some people are way creative and others way less so. A new study from Northwest University may give us clues to what makes one person more creative than another.

See: Creative Genius Driven by Distraction

Lobby Cam oil painting
Lobby Cam oil painting by Bryn Oh, on Flickr

The hypothesis suggested by the research is creative people have trouble filtering out distractions. I suppose a noisy and chaotic environment would be the most common distraction. But any irrelevant sensory information could provide the distraction. Continue reading Source of Creativity?

Coming Back: Alternative Schools

We are hearing more and more about the financial burden students face after graduation. The government under Pres. Obama’s direction, pen and phone in hand, has attempted to alleviate the problem. Instead it is adding to the national debit (+5%) and student debit is increasing ($1.2+trillion).

oyasumi / blackboard&corkboard&postbox @ Xiasumi School Festival
Xiasumi School Festival by Kenzo Gateaux / oyasumi, on Flickr

Few people realize the new Obama student debt plan aggravates the problems. You can see the trend in a document by the Institute for College Access & Success. A small problem has turned into one too big to fail… and we tax payers are on the hook for the money. Obama guaranteed the bank loans (90% are now government backed). This is expected by numerous authorities to cost tax payers hundreds of billions per year. To learn more about what was actually done and is happening see: Heritage FoundationContinue reading Coming Back: Alternative Schools

Real Life Comeback

Drax does a series of videos depicting Second Life as it really is. He doesn’t show ALL of Second Life. He shows the side he feels is most under reported, the missing side. The reports are accurate representations of the side of Second Life he wants to show. See: Drax Files for my coverage of those videos and see YouTube for the full collection of his videos.

There are parts of real life that we don’t see. Just as the media does their hype for their purposes with little regard for presenting a balanced view of Second Life. So too the media and politicians hype their idea of what we should be responding too in RL based on their agenda, which mostly benefits the politicians. There is little if any balance our mainstream media and the accuracy is way questionable.

There hasn’t been a Drax to balance the reporting in RL. Now there is a group that is starting to do just that. Opportunity Lives is featuring a series of videos titled “Comeback” showing what RL people are doing without waiting for the government to save them.

There is to be a series of these videos.  Continue reading Real Life Comeback

Climate People

I have often found that figuring out whether a cause is worthy is just a matter of looking at the people supporting it. It is definitely a consideration for whether I’ll participate or not. I had no problem deciding to oppose ISIS at every level. A quick, but stomach churning, look at the search results for ISIS killing pictures should do it for any sane person.

The philosophy of a group of people sets the limits to which individuals in the group will go. Yet, every group has its wackadooles, the crazy out of touch people we find annoying but not overly dangerous. Groups also have some number of fanatics and radicals that range from crazy annoying to deadly dangerous. So, painting any group with a broad brush is usually misleading.

Christian charity workers help people all over the world. That doesn’t prove the existence of God, the accuracy of their beliefs, or provide a guarantee of each Christian’s character, but the general quality of the people and their devotion to a cause and how they treat people suggests they have a generally beneficial belief system and cause. It begs the question what is it about that belief system that leads so many onto caring about their fellow man?

Pic from - Actual image used by ISIS.
Pic from – Actual image issued by ISIS.

On the other hand I am reading of ISIS fighters beheading and burning alive people… All this in the name of God and the goal of world domination. I can find no merit in the cause of these people and how they treat other humans. I question the quality and thinking of such people, their philosophy, and the core belief system that seems to eliminate any care about fellow humans. This also begs the questions, what is it about their belief system (especially their personal belief systems) that leads so many toward conquest, slavery, rape, and brutal killing? What kind of people are these?  Continue reading Climate People

Net Neutrality Reveled …or NOT

We know the new proposed rules being placed on the Internet  total 332 pages. So far, that is about all we know. This week the FCC voted to adopt those proposed rules (3 yea – 2 nea). As yet they have not published those rules.

because you're mine
Because You’re Mine by Strawberry Singh, on Flickr

A number of pundits on the Right are claiming the failure to publish the 332 pages is a continuing cover up. Well… yes and no. But, I am disinclined to believe those claiming this publishing delay is a big deal.  Continue reading Net Neutrality Reveled …or NOT