Server Move

Some of you will have noticed the site was a mess for a few hours. I had done an update to WordPress and it did not go well. Go Daddy suggested we move from my Windows Server to Linux to solve some problems. I had been wanting to do that for some time. So, I swallowed and we went for it.

In the move they made a typo. It took a couple of hours to figure out what went wrong.

You’ll notice that most of the images disappeared. I am still sorting that out. I use Shortcodes Ultimate to work with images. Something in that plug-in didn’t work well with the transfer to Linux. So, I’ll have to hunt that change that down.

Plus I have to run through all the ASP pages I used in other sites in this servers and change them out. But, that is another story.

2014 COULD be the Hottest Year on Record

I suspect most of us have heard the statement. I wonder how many actually caught the world ‘could‘? Well, 2014 could be the coldest year. Neither are likely. But, how will we know which? How about looking at the satellite measurement records?

Satellite Data Plot

Satellite Data Plot – 2014 Incomplete – so it could be…

Graph source is from Roy Spencer, Ph.D. He collected data from the source data kept by the two leading groups of researchers; the UAH group, and the Remote Sensing Systems [RSS] group. For details see his write up: Why 2014 Won’t Be.

The Ebola Wars

The New Yorker has an article titled The Ebloa Wars. If you are trying to get perspective on the current epidemic this is a good read.

This article is change from the horrid information about Ebola we are getting from the government and most of the news media. From the US President we are getting a steady stream of lies. His first; no one with Ebola will make it to the US. Oops! He tells us airport screening in the US will stop infected people. Oops! But, he also says we’ll have a few people with Ebola arrive in New York and make it through screening. O.O  Continue reading

Facebook Name Policy

Toysoldier Thor is going activist in an attempt to get Facebook to change their policy on names and allow anonymous users. I doubt such a change can happen because it would damage a successful financial model. But, I could be wrong. So, help him if you think it a good idea.

See: Time Facebook Fixes “Real Names Only” TOS.

How Facebook Makes Money

How Facebook Makes Money

I suppose if anonymous activists can figure out a way to have a financial impact on FB then they may be able to affect a change. But, to do that one must understand FB’s financial model.  Continue reading

Climate 2014-22

Mid-term elections are coming in the US. Next week California is having its preliminary elections, where political parties decide on candidates to run in the Fall. California changed how those elections work to farther divide voting groups and reduce minority input assuring Democrat (liberal) control of California for the foreseeable future, regardless of what voters want. In November we will return to the polls to elect Congressional members.

Finally we have the cause...

Finally we have the cause…

For the people the biggest issue is jobs. Politicians are giving that lip service only.

For Republicans (conservatives) the issues are Democrat corruption and misuse of government agencies and authority along with the Democrat’s failure to enforce laws they have sworn to upload but do not like. While the media drums on about the Republicans having no plans, the party is pumping out plan after plan. So, many the party is divided on which is best.

You just can’t trust what you hear in the media. Continue reading

Dwell On It: Marketing

Tateru Nino has an article up on Marketing and PR: Whatever happened to marketing and PR? If you have been around awhile or study marketing, you know things have changed.

I’ll suggest a couple of significant changes have come to our culture that have forced change in both Marketing and PR. First people coming out of our public education systems are much more poorly educated. Our education system is being politicized and whole fields of study are being nerfed. A year or so ago the ruckus was about educators wanting to omit teaching American history prior to Lincoln. Citizenship classes were a thing in my parents day. I now talk to many US born people that have no idea how the government is supposed to work or why.  Continue reading

A Little Less Scary, for Second Life

Yesterday I posted a link to Gwyneth Llewelyn’s April Fool’s Joke. Today Gwyneth posts that she was in fact joking. See: Yes, yes, it was a prank! She includes more material for our nightmares. But, this time she is putting things in some perspective. I think this article reveals some of the real possibilities ahead and good reasons for them.

Image by: Lelani-Carve, Flickr

Image by: Lelani-Carver, Flickr

For one thing, she points out that Kitely might be a better choice for acquisition. And she points out that Facebook might be better off using OpenSim, as Kitely does, and adding in Intel’s DSG framework, which allows a region to handle thousands of concurrent users. The mix of large crowd handling and run-on-demand-scaling is certainly something I imagine the Facebook managers would like.  Continue reading

Gwyneth Llewelyn’s April Fool’s Joke?

Well, it isn’t that funny. Actually, it is pretty damn scary. She has written a short, for Gwyneth, 2,700+ words that tie far too many things together to make the story sound real.

See: Facebook ‘likes’ Second Life, High Fidelity and buys both.

If you are easily given nightmares, avoid reading the article. She has far too many reasons why her April 1st headline could be real.