Environment – What are they doing?

In Second Life™ polluting the environment is not an issue we have to deal with. We can hit the Return All button and any pollution problem is solved. iRL it is a problem.

~ The Fresh Snow ~

~ The Fresh Snow ~

In our society of sound bites and 145 word tweets propagandists have found heaven.  Groups with socially appealing names have been taken over by socialists and justice types chasing personal wealth for power. Organizations once doing noble work have turned into organizations that make the mafia run protection scams of the past look retarded.  Continue reading

Poor Facebook – More Free Speech Attacks

Zuckerberg can’t win. Unless you’re Independent or conservative that has chased down more balanced news sources you probably aren’t seeing the steady stream of news about Facebook’s bias. The real story isn’t that Facebook (URL to home page) is biased. The story is how prevalent the movement to ban free speech is. Everyone is missing that part of the story.

~unicorn centauress~

~unicorn centauress~

Facebook is a private company. It has the right within the USA to be biased. What it doesn’t have and what can verge on illegal is telling us the service it provides has no bias. There it can trip on truth in advertising laws. Breaking trust with customers, in this case ‘users’ is probably more descriptive, is always considered bad form.  Continue reading

Facebook Suppression

It is an election year. A key to the democratic process is a well informed electorate. The obvious reason politicians want to control the news is to shape the electorate’s thinking. We have seen that happen with Hamlet’s distorted Trump-Bernie article and how it was picked up and further distorted by the liberal media to serve their agenda.



The idea in a free society is that ideas are debated to find the best way of doing something and deciding what needs to be done. People are going to disagree. Some people will never change their thinking. Some people are morons. However, the majority of people will go with what works best. That is a problem for a Leftist that cannot defend their ideas. The Alinsky solution: lie, mislead, and silence those that disagree.  Continue reading

Free Speech: FEC Taking…

Remember Obama Girl? In 2008 this way cute Obama Girl was a thing. I’m misusing her and the videos she made and making some misstatements and misrepresentations to illustrate what the FEC – Federal Elections Commission – is doing and what it means to those of us in the United States. See if you can identify them before I reveal them later in this post.

That video is from mid 2007. Obama Girl began appearing in 2007 and MSNBC named her one of the most influential women of 2007. Impressive. The video has 26+ million views.

Obama Girl is Amber Lee Ettinger iRL. Her videos are said to have helped elect President Obama. Continue reading

Thinking: The Lost Art

With the recent passing of Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia the divide between liberal and conservative thinkers is being dramatically highlighted. This is a link to the most intelligent response I’ve heard: I’m a liberal lawyer. Clerking for Scalia taught me how to think about the law.

Quoting Tara Kole writing in The Washington Post:

And, in some ways, the job [clerk for a Supreme Court Judge] is a strange one. To assist in the writing of opinions, clerks have to get inside a justice’s mind to think as they do and to write as they would. My role was to facilitate his, and sometimes that was easier than others. In one case I worked on writing a dissent — the position held by a minority of the court — with which I fundamentally disagreed on a moral level, but found, as I wrote, that I was drawn to Scalia’s reasoning; his emphasis on precedent, strict textual construction and judicial restraint. While I remain bound not to discuss details of the cases I worked on, I can say that Scalia’s arguments in that case conveyed a clarity not found in the majority’s opinion, which relied on legal and verbal gymnastics in order to reach the desired outcome. His approach had a logic and simplicity that resonated with me, despite my politics. I found myself able to get inside his mind in that moment, to sublimate my own views, and write confidently in his voice. I was proud when my co-clerk told me that Scalia had called it a “knock out.”

I seldom find people that can look beyond their own beliefs and opinions.


“The improver of natural knowledge absolutely refuses to acknowledge authority, as such. For him, skepticism is the highest of duties; blind faith the one unpardonable sin.”

Thomas Huxley