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Sophee is bothered that Maitreya is only providing developers’ kits to a few designers and of those only select ones get the weighs.

Just Because Promo - Mesh Clothes - 2015

Just Because Promo – Mesh Clothes – 2015

So, the expression of unhappiness is out in the community and people are jumping on the wagon. Sides are being drawn… Did I mention drama? I am being deliberately… colorful.

Canary Beck read the article and immediately had questions. My response when reading Sophee’s article was not so positive. As a good journalist Canary did what any intelligent human would do, she asked Onyx, ‘what’s up with that?’ Onyx answered her and has posted an official response: About the Maitreya developers kit for fitted mesh (10m/19d/15y). I’ve read the three articles/posts.

From the answer Onyx provides I think it is clear Sophee is out of line. But, in our world there is a huge amount of conditioning going on. Sophee responded as people are being trained to respond, think bad things about those that run businesses, be hurt (a victim) that they have not provided her or her friends everything they want without limitation or cost, and don’t bother with facts or the basic human decency to care about another (think Onyx). Get right to dividing people by making accusations based on one side’s thinking.

In Sophee’s reaction I see a basic disregard for freedom. If Maitreya decided to never release any information about the Maitreya design, that is her right. If she choose to only give the information to those she likes, that is her right. It is basic freedom. You build it, you get to do with it as you want. It is the fascist that comes in and tells you what to do with your thinking, behavior, creativity, and labor.

People are being taught to react. Reacting without facts or asking questions, means  one has to imagine what is going on. One of the toughest punishments for a young child is having them sit in a corner and think about what the parent will choose as their punishment. The strategy is to train the child to think of consequences so they can think before they act next time.

We humans always imagine things that are usually far worse than what the reality will be/is. It is thought by many to be a natural survival mechanism. So, teaching people to react without question or fact acquiring makes society easy to manipulate. It becomes just a matter of knowing when to trigger a reaction and who or what to target.

The pattern is obvious any time we get people to react. But, there are people that think, question, and look for the facts. Those people are nearly impossible to play. Pawn or player? Your choice.




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