Second Life Current Problem

Currently, Tuesday 2/28 at 10:15 AM SLT, There are grid problems and login problems. Lindens are investigating.

We are on ‘do not rez no-copy items’ status. You may have problems rezing anything.

It seems a service provider to Linden Lab is having problems.

Identified – We have identified the issue as a problem with one of our service providers. They are actively working to correct the problems.

Logins should not be impacted, however the asset system continues to be problematic. Additionally, other services including,, and more have been impacted as well, and will remain so until the issues have been resolved.

We will update this blog with additional information when we have it.
Feb 28, 10:32 PST

Social Media: A New Scam – Sextortion

Today I find a new scam is popping up on the Internet. Basically blackmail, a really old crime. The media is giving it a new name to describe a specific kind of crime: sextortion.

Potrait 3

Potrait 3

Sextortion is the scam of getting someone into an online sex thing where it can be videoed or pictures taken. This is apparently most prevalent on Facebook. The threat is they will show your kink to your family, friends, and/or business associates.  Continue reading

Peace Comes to Second Life… Really?!?

Well, for about a minute… when all the guns in Second Life broke… Now, there are work around steps and viewer fixes and… Whatever, you can again shoot those deserving of annihilation.

So, what happened? Why can’t I shoot that scumbag werewolf and save the hot mini-skirted damsel? Seems the Lindens fixed a problem in the process of building Horizons, that’s my thinking. As they expanded controls for use with Advanced Experience Tools (AET), Horizons is an advanced experience, the scripting functions needed a bit more control. So, as reported some time ago we got new SIT commands. See: Second Life News 2016 w45 and for more details Scripting.

Fallout Wasteland - liqueur.felix

Fallout Wasteland – liqueur.felix

I suspect somewhere in that process the Lindens noticed some REALLY OLD bugs, think beginning of SL time, which are now just oddities for most scripters and fixed them to make it easier (and likely make it more logically correct) to do Horizons. The result is all the weapons designed to deal with those bugs/oddities broke.

Continue reading

Adobe tempzxpsign…… Temporary Files

You may not have noticed your drive filling up with empty folders. They are out of the way in AppData. Adobe products are creating folders as a place to save temporary files, which get deleted. The programs just forget to delete the folders. It is a bug and it has been around for a few months.

See: tempzxpsign…… temporary files filling up TEMP drive

The more you use Adobe the more folders you have.

The basic story is once all the Adobe programs have been closed you can delete all the folders. You’ll find them in: C:\Users\[Windows_Login_ID]\AppData\Local\

Second Life: Disappearing Attachments

Some people are experiencing losing attachments when they cross to a new region or teleport. I’ve had it happen a couple of times. It is apparently a significant problem for a number of people. A thread about it is here: Avatar attachments continually being detached.

LIfe is a Beach

LIfe is a Beach

There are a number of JIRA Bug Reports, Whirly says thousands: Continue reading

Will the Internet Die Nov 8?

Some Internet security companies are warning of a major Internet failure on Nov 8th as some state sponsored entities may try to block USA voting results information, i.e., exit polls and such. No one knows if such outages will or won’t happen. But, there is a significant probability some actors will try to take down parts of the Internet. Thus security companies are warnings to their clients.



Some of the security companies are recommending mission critical sites setup secondary DNS services to survive DDoS attacks on the primary DNS system. So, I’ll provide some steps you can take for free.  Continue reading

Second Life: MS Translator Change Coming

Microsoft has announced that their translation services are changing. The date is April 30, 2017. They will be changing to a new set of API’s they named Azure.

Time passes by

Time passes by

I have no idea how many, if any, SL Translators depend on the Microsoft API’s. But, those that do will need to change.  Continue reading

Second Life: Beggar Bots

People are reporting more occurrences of Beggar Bots hitting their groups. BUG-40546Group Chat Spam Bots. People are asking if they should be reported. The ToS is fuzzy on the topic. In general begging is not a violation of the ToS. Spamming is. So, we see varied opinions on whether to report or not.

Whirly Trapping a Beggar Bot

Whirly Trapping a Beggar Bot

The apparent consensus among those in the know keeping up with such things is: REPORT ‘EM. The Lindens are working at closing and banning accounts of the spammers.

Group managers have the Eject and Ban tool. Some do not realize it has been upgraded. Originally it did not terminate the current chat session. So, E & B didn’t immediately shut them up. Now it does. (SVC-32Continue reading