May the Fourth be…

The date has become known as Star Wars Day as a take on the line from the movie, “May the force be with you.” Next is the Revenge of the Fifth, which is a take from the sequel (#3) Revenge of the Sith.

[ clique ] 050417 - May The Fourth Be With You

[ clique ] 050417 – May The Fourth Be With You

I didn’t realize a number of SL photographers celebrate the 4th with Star Wars inspired photography. Of course, anything like this has people from the adult community providing a range of images from tongue in cheek to total XXX porn imagery.  Continue reading

United Airlines New Commercial

Start at TM 0:00 if you aren’t up on current news to get the back story. Otherwise, this is Jimmy Kemmel’s spoofed United commercial.

Chicago PD and United Airlines have created quite a mess. You may not realize big government kneeling to lobbyists has created laws so that airlines can overbook their flights and take away most of your civil rights when flying. There is nothing you can do about it. When you buy a ticket, you agree to comply.

Climate: NASA Temperature Adjustments

For NASA warming is a $2± billion a year business, from a $200 billion a year budget. There has been no government money for any climate study that does not include warming for the last 20 (?) years. The NASA budget is currently being decided by the US House of Representatives. The Senate has had their say passing a NASA bill: S.442.

What should you tell your representative? Spend more? Less? Close NASA Earth Sciences (ES)? Save ES?

You’ll find the information about what the House is doing in the House’s appropriations bill, a continuing measure as Pres. Obama stopped preparing a Federal budget for submission to and approval by Congress as required by US Law years ago. We now stagger from financial crisis to crisis.

A point in deciding what to tell your representative would be to look at the facts of what NASA ES has been doing. Francis Menton has been publishing a series of articles detailing just that. Francis’ latest (14th) article is about how NASA has been adjusting the temperatures from a weather observatory near his home located at Falls Village (Town of Canaan), Connecticut. It is worth reading before deciding.


Various blogs are commenting on Linden Lab’s® response to Pres. Trumps Executive Order requiring additional vetting of all people coming from 7 countries identified be Pres. Obama as not having governments capable of providing background checks of their citizens.

Most are supporting the Lab’s statement;

I am not seeing any thought or facts presented, just emotional ‘oh yeah, this is good.’ So, here are some facts and questions.

First, if you haven’t heard, Linden Lab issued a statement on a controversial subject in the USA and world. The title points to which one of the many. Continue reading

Social Media: A New Scam – Sextortion

Today I find a new scam is popping up on the Internet. Basically blackmail, a really old crime. The media is giving it a new name to describe a specific kind of crime: sextortion.

Potrait 3

Potrait 3

Sextortion is the scam of getting someone into an online sex thing where it can be videoed or pictures taken. This is apparently most prevalent on Facebook. The threat is they will show your kink to your family, friends, and/or business associates.  Continue reading