NASA Refocused?

You may not realize that US$1.9 billion of NASA’s 2016 budget (US19+ billion) was going to climate study. If my sources can be believed. The 2017 NASA Transition Authorization Act (S. 442 – link) supposedly reallocates the funding. Figuring out exactly how is unclear, at least to me. But, the words ‘climate’ and ‘weather’ do not appear in the text of the bill. Nor are all dollars assigned a place other than NASA.

Following this bill gets bit confusing. Sen. Ted Cruz introduced a bill prepared in the Obama days: S.3346 – National Aeronautics and Space Administration Transition Authorization Act of 2016. It got tabled as the 114th session of Congress (2015-16) ran out of time. Continue reading

Wanna go to Mars?

SpaceX is talking about going to Mars by 2024, if things go well… 8 years from now. You will supposedly be able to buy a one-way ticket for US$550,000… and what’s the return trip going to cost?

The reusable booster is a nice touch. There are lots of plans in the works for going to the moon and Mars to build colonies and a few suggesting Venus is a better choice. Continue reading