Flickr Background & Profile Image Sizes

Controlling the image you have for a background in Flickr is a bit trick. I found it frustrating the last time I changed my background. I tried to sort it out again, as I wanted a new background. I did find a sizing that works.

Flickr Background Image Size

The complication in sizing this image is from Flickr needing to resize the image on the fly to fit various screens. Below a certain size, they stop displaying the image. My Android Samsung S5 is an example (I don’t use the Flickr app) of where it isn’t displayed. However, they do display the image on my iPad.

Flickr on iPad Screen

Whether profile or landscape, the iPad uses a 1024 x 768 display of the web page. Flickr does not resize (respond to the change) as you change from profile to landscape. At least my old iPad doesn’t. Continue reading

Discovering Flickr and Following Groups

I suspect most Second Life people know about Flickr. Lots of SL peeps use Flickr. However, I suspect few know how to find the awesome art that is appearing every day. I know it has taken me some time to realize how to find the awesome art.



There are people that mention artists and give you their names, Hamlet at New World Notes often features an artist. I do from time to time. Other bloggers do too. But, waiting on us to reveal those you think are awesome could be tedious. So, how do you find awesome Flickr artists to follow?  Continue reading

Second Life: Finding Photos – How To

Writing a blog I think I need… want… interesting images. When I first started (2009 blogging), and talked to some of the better known bloggers for advice, Hamlet for one – so you can blame him to some little extent for me, they advised that each article have an image or two. So, I’ve done that… most of the time.

Cammino e Vivo Capovolto

Cammino e Vivo Capovolto

I find that if I am reading a blog and it has no image with an article I am much less interested. So, from advice and personal experience I include images.  Continue reading

Flickr: How to get more Views and Fav’s

I see that Hamlet posted a plea to Flickr users: Flickr PSA: Consider Making Your Images Embeddable! He doesn’t really help them understand the ‘how to’ or ‘what’s happening’ aspect of his plea to ‘share your images’. But, I have made the same plea and .



In August, I was challenged for using someone’s image and not previously asking. In response, I pointed out the terms of Flickr’s ToS. See: Flickr Sharing vs All Rights Reserved. If someone REALLY doesn’t want their image on my blog, I’ll take it off. It is a matter of asking. Otherwise, I go by Flickr’s ToS, at least as I understand it and Flickr has explained (see the Flickr Sharing article.). Continue reading