Windows 10 Update Week 21

The expected release is summer of this year. You can get preview copies of Win10 now. To qualify you are supposed to be a member of Windows Insiders.

You can find out more about the current release here: Windows 10-10122.

“Everything's gonna be alright.”

“Everything’s gonna be alright.” by ℳαγα (Foxx.Pawpad), on Flickr

Those running it and Second Life™ are having problems. It is hard to tell what is going on as I can only find bits and pieces of people’s conversations as they try to resolve problems.  Continue reading

High Fidelity – What will we use it for?

Jason Dorrier writing for Singularity Hub, a site covering and analyzing technology, has an article up titled What Is the Metaverse? The real question he asks in the article is, what are we going to do with the metaverse?

While Jason published his article May 21 (today), he used this video from February 2015 to illustrate what a virtual world (VW) looks like.

Jason points out that the HyFy world is an open world and will be filled with whatever people create. I suppose that is somewhat a novel idea for those unfamiliar with Second Life™.  Continue reading

Bits of Stuff Around Second Life

The Rock Closed

A ‘skill’ game in Second Life™ has been shut down by the Lindens. Named The Rock Trading, you can get that latest information here: IMPORTANT INFORMATION FROM LINDEN LAB, PLEASE READ POSTED BY ROCKERDUCK VELLA, 12-MAY-2015.


Untitled by Mia Resident, on Flickr

Losing Linux

There is an update to the Linux story. The Lab has made a blog post on the subject. The link is iin an update I added to the end of my post: Second Life Losing the Linux Viewer? Inara Pey has also written about the update and included an audio clip of Oz talking about the change at the Third Party Developers’ meeting. I link to her in my update. Continue reading

The End of Second Life?

Everything ends. It is just a matter of when. We hear this story of Second Life™ ending all the time. It is not new. Lots of Chicken Little. That SL has not ended, does not mean it won’t. The sky COULD fall. But, I think we will have plenty of warning should the end draw near.

mediterranean girl

Mediterranean girl by Annahyss Resident, on Flickr

I came to Second Life from Myst Online, which has closed and come back a number of times. So, I’m used to games I like closing. Rizom is another one I liked and played for a time. It too closed and came back. Others just closed.  Continue reading

Second Life: Catching Up

Being gone for almost 2 weeks, there is lots for me to catch up on. These are the things I found interesting.

Mer étincelante

Mer étincelante by Nunie-SL, on Flickr


I previously mentioned this. But, now the new avatar height and hover controls officially have their counterparts in the Linden Scripting Language (LSL): LLGetObjectDetails() and LLGetAgentSize(). See: New LSL support for Avatar Shape, Height and Hover.

A part of LLGetObjectDetails() is the flag: OBJECT_HOVER_HEIGHT – Gets the hover height of the avatar.
If id is not an avatar, 0.0 is returned. Normal values are in the range of-2.0 to 2.0 with a default value of 0.0. This value does not reflect the avatar shape’s “Hover” setting, only the dynamic viewer setting. Continue reading

Second Life & Virtual Reality

We are getting closer to hands on. The Oculus Rift is to release in the first quarter of 2016. At this point I think the first round of pre-release technical challenges has been met. So, any possible delay would be from manufacturing and supply problems.

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is in production the supply of display screens for the Oculus should be adequate.

Unity and Unreal, game engine platforms, are both announcing support of HTC RE Vive. This means game developers can move away from having to develop support for the various VR headsets and use the support provided by Unity and Unreal. This saves developer’s time and means new games will move through the development pipeline faster.  Continue reading

3D Display Devices

For Second Life™ it is thought the Oculus Rift is the most interesting development coming for 3D viewing. But, that is in the future. We may possibly see a retail version this year, but probably not. Daily Tech reported in March that the release date was slipping to 2016. None other than Oculus VR founder and chief Palmer Luckey announced the release date was moving back to early 2016. There were the usual disclaimers… ‘unless something goes horribly wrong’ … ‘but, it isn’t and won’t’ …

HP ZVR Holographic Display

HP ZVR Holographic Display

Oculus is suffering now from feature creep and perfectionism. There is no lack of spin and hope. So, we can’t know when we will see it.  Continue reading

How to Stream Second Life: Bright Canopy

New streaming services are popping up to replace OnLive. Soon you should be able to once again stream Second Life™ to your device of choice… at least for a time.

I'm just your average ordinary everyday superhero

I’m just your average ordinary everyday superhero by Jordy Zipdash, on Flickr

Ciaran Laval has an article up about possible replacements for SL Go, the app and service for streaming Second Life™ to mobile devices. Bright Canopy is one of those working to take the place of Onlive, SL Go’s creator. See: Bright Canopy Beta Testing Frame For Second Life Streaming In A Web BrowserContinue reading