Internet Problems?

Today my Internet service sucks. I finally restarted my gateway. That helped, but some sites remain a problem. So, I started to look at what’s up with that…

It hadn’t occurred to me but, Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are a target for hackers. I’m not sure why they choose to attack them. I wasn’t curious enough to dig up reasons. But, that they do get attacked affects our use of Second Life™, since the Lab changed over to using CDN’s.  Continue reading

Nvidia Titan-X Pascal

August 2, 2016 Nvidia released their top of the line video card the Titan-X. There is a previous generation Titan-X. To distinguish between the previous gen and the current generation we have to include the architecture descriptor; Maxwell (previous) or Pascal (new).

How much faster is this Titan-X Pascal than the previous one? Almost twice as fast.

You can see the card is about 30% faster than the GTX1080.  Continue reading

Nvidia vs AMD: Serious Problem

In the last 10 minutes or so of the Third Party Developers’ Meeting the problem with AMD video cards problems came up.

It seems especially the R series of video cards (RX480 etc.) have a problem with OpenGL. See: BUG-20057Visual Artifacts with ALM enabled on some AMD graphics cards.

AMD Screen Artifact - No Fix

AMD Screen Artifact – No Fix

This bug is dependent on screen size. So, you may be able to escape it by changing your viewer window size or screen resolution.

There is a thread in the AMD forum about the problem. It is way techy. See: OpenGL display artifact on W7100. Continue reading

Video Cards: GTX1060 vs RX480

There is debate in the SL Forum as to which video card is a better choice for Second Life™. I’ll try to provide the information needed to make a decision. But, I don’t see a deal maker or breaker that would pull the choice to any one card.

Also there are no good benchmarks, yet, of which new cards work best with Second Life. The following benchmark tests show the cards’ performance are very dependent on how the game is designed.

In the above video he is testing DirectX12 verses Vulkan. Vulkan is the next generation OpenGL. While development on OpenGL has not stopped, it appears to be similar to SL and Sansar. Except I have no doubt Vulkan will be the render engine of choice for most game makers moving on from OpenGL.  Continue reading

Infinite VR Corridor – Really!?!

Road to VR has an article and video up on how to fake an infinitely long corridor in VR. Some people have found a way to give the impression of walking in a straight line while actually walking in a circle.

This is pretty awesome. But, it also shows that VR developers have realized there is a space problem for VR. What they have requires a room bigger than 7m (20ft) x 5m (15ft). This is typical ‘small’ master bedroom size in America.  Continue reading

New Photoshop CC… ugh

Adobe updates their software often. Recently they updated Photoshop (15.5.0). I just got the previous version figured out… now things have moved around again.

Nalates - July 2016

Nalates – July 2016

This image required I clip me out of the picture and put in a shadow and background. The entire refine selection process has changed. I had to go find a tutorial. Here is the tutorial that got me started on the right foot.  Continue reading

What is the 2016 Titan X Pascal?

A few days ago NVIDIA released the GTX1060. The 1060 is the mid-range video card for gamers. The GTX1080 has been out for some time and it was the top end video graphics card for gamers. Now 25% faster than the 1080 is NVIDIA’s 2016 Titan X (Pascal) Video Card nearing its release date, August 2, 2016. (NowInStock)

2016 Titan X - Coming 8/2/2016

2016 Titan X – Coming 8/2/2016

The cost of a GTX1080 is in the US$700 to $800 range. The 2016 Titan X is rumored to have a MSRP of $1,200. That is 50% more in cost for 25% more in performance. Not the most GPU per dollar but, it is fast. For the enthusiast this is sort of like comparing a Geo-Metro to a Farrari using cost per pound (kilogram) or top speed. Incomplete comparison. Continue reading