Android Hack

If you haven’t heard, the Android devices using the Stage Fright media library are vulnerable to hackers. There are reportedly 950 million devices that are vulnerable.

Last Samurai

Last Samurai

If you are running an Android operating system 2.2 or older, you are safe.  Otherwise you will need an update. It is unclear which carriers are pushing the fix to their customers. But, the fix has been sent out by Google.

Anti-virus programs will provide you some protection. But, many require manual updates. So, run your update process.

AT&T US$10 VR Headset App

Hypergrid Business is pointing people to a $10 VR Headset App being sold by AT&T. See: AT&T offers $10 VR headset, app. You may want to wait until we see more reviews. Plus, we may see some good free apps appearing.

Remembers It All Too Well

Remembers It All Too Well

The headset being offered in addition to the app is a Google Cardboard thing.

Of course you could get one of the 10,000 free Cardboard VR headsets offered by CM Products, LLC. Hypergrid has a funny video to go with that offer…

Flickr Image Embed Code Change

Flickr™ has changed the embed code they provide people for displaying Flickr images. That meant I had to change how I embed their images in the blog. I’ll explain some of what you can do with the new embed code. There is a discussion at Flickr about the new code here: New version of Flickr’s embed code.

City of the Ancient Gods

City of the Ancient Gods

Surely, you have noticed I use more Flickr images these days. It saves me time and there are so many gorgeous images from Second Life™. Taking the time to find gorgeous places and get great photos… it was becoming work. Embedding an image is easier.  Continue reading

Gmail Clean Up

If you use Gmail as I do, you soon find out that it lacks many of the tools in advanced email applications like Outlook. What you may not know is Gmail has an amazing search feature. This search feature allows one to perform many of the tasks you may think are not possible.

Gmail Search Help

Gmail Search Help – Click for more…

I discovered the hidden features of Gmail Search when I decided to clean out some of 7,000+ emails sitting in my Nalates mailbox. Deleting the 50 or 100 emails displayed per page was looking to be rather tedious.  Continue reading

Google Chrome Reverts Bookmark Manager

My Google Chrome has updated and the bookmarking and bookmark manager features, which have again drastically changed, again. The new system and manager are much more like the previous features in 2014. I think it is a major improvement.

Chrome Bookmark Manager 2015/07

Chrome Bookmark Manager 2015/07

I had been very unhappy with the features as they were designed and working during the first part of this year. See Google Chrome Bookmarks/Favorites ChangingContinue reading

Windows 10 – Not so Free?


The initial word on the coming Windows 10 was that it would be free. It is. But, I am seeing more and more articles talking about the cost of this FREE software. Forbes is the latest. See: ‘Free’ Windows 10 Has High Cost To Windows 7 And Windows 8 Users.

The Guardian @ The Conquest

The Guardian @ The Conquest by Brattilicious, on Flickr

We know there are some exceptions to the ‘FREE’ offer. Servers, Enterprise versions, and RT version are excluded. Those folks pay. What we are finding out is Microsoft is evolving Windows into a new product, one we WILL have to pay for. Are you asking, WTF!?!  Continue reading

Second Life Chat & Abuse

Massively OverPowered has an article by Editor-in-Chief Bree Royce titled: Why MMORPG’s Still Need Traditional Chat. The article is about the problems of jerks annoying people in global chat. We have our share of those people in Second Life.

Je suis Charlie..

Je suis Charlie.. by VOIDAR // Ashley Carter, on Flickr

I find the article interesting because I think it reflects what is going on in RL. Chat in virtual worlds is different. But, it is still humans conversing. Humans may feel they can get away with more in anonymous chat. But, their basic behavior and thinking does not change at login.

Nor do our solutions for these problems in virtual worlds differ from what we propose and experiment with in RL. People in games seem to be learning that the final step in the progression of language restrictions and attempts to control abuse is removal of the ‘global’ chat system. In RL we are imposing restrictions on Hate Speech just as we try to restrict it in game worlds. It doesn’t work in either place. In both places all forms of conversation are injured.

In RL it gives governments and bureaucrats control of what is said. In games it is moderators that have the last say. Bree’s take is that life is better with messy annoying chat than without it.