3 Reasons VR is to Fail Challenged

The Road to VR has an interesting article challenging 3 common ideas about why VR will fail. Well written and with rational challenges to the 3 common ideas about VR. See: The 3 Most Common Arguments Against VR and Why They’re Wrong.

Possibly Maybe...

Possibly Maybe…

One common thought about VR that I think has some merit is ‘gesture based’ control like Kinect is going to fail because users do not have enough room/space… or patience.  Continue reading

Windows 10 Update Week 34

As Second Life™ users you are likely to be interested in others experience with their Windows 10 installs. I’m working with a number of RL clients as I help them with their upgrades. We are mostly at the point of contacting the authors of the software they are dependent on.

Windows 10 Logo

Windows 10 Logo

I have found that the new Microsoft web browser is different. I am still figuring it out and I am undecided on whether I like it. My first impression is it is slow to load. After that it seems OK. Every menu item I use is in a new place.

Whatever, Shug has a post up on her experience upgrading 4 computers to Win 10. See: Windows 10 (and you thought Second Life updates were chaos!)

If you have problems with your DVD after a Win 10 update, these steps may help:

From Windows Support for the DVD drive:

  1. Run Command Prompt as an Administrator. Press windows key + x and choose command prompt (admin)
  2. Type following and press enter: reg.exe add “HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\atapi\Controller0” /f /v EnumDevice1 /t REG_DWORD /d 0x00000001
  3. Reboot the system

Windows 10 is Here

If you are running Windows 7 or 8 you are likely getting popups telling you can upgrade to Windows 10. It was released this month, August. Personally I’m waiting to update my office machine. I am assuming my Adobe products that just updated to CC 15.1 will work well with Win 10. But, just in case…



I’ll be changing my Win 8.1 laptop this week. I’ll play with Win 10 on it and see how that goes. I don’t use the laptop often and should probably sell it. But, it can serve as a guinea pig for Win 10.  Continue reading

Facebook & Names

Jo Yardley had an article up a day or two ago about the fight between Facebook and Germany. It seems Germany has some law that prevents Facebook from requiring identification as it violates German privacy laws.

Germany fights Facebook thus perhaps paving the way for using pseudonyms



Today we hear Facebook has decided to allow German users to use anonymous names/pseudonyms  . But, only Germans and ONLY residents of Hamburg.  It is no surprise to me Facebook complied but only allow pseudonyms in this very limited area.

German privacy laws put Facebook in a bind. They either complied or kicked out their Hamburg Germany users.  There are 80± million Germans and something less than 2 million live in Hamburg, so while that is a lot of advertizing eyes it isn’t much of Facebook’s user base.

See: Germans allowed to use Fake Names on Facebook, while everyone else CANNOT.

Expect Facebook to come up with some way to limit new signups from Germany that cannot provide RL ID. While Facebook can’t kick someone out for using a pseudonym there is nothing that says they have to let someone in that uses a pseudonym. So, expect a change in Facebook’s signup process.

Second Life Bits week 30

Yeah… week 30. I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and it got lost. The information is still good, so today it gets published.

How Big is Wow

Massively Overpowered pointed me to a video showing how big World of Warcraft is.

Voicing Opinion

SL Blogger Support has an article about problems some bloggers are having. One is in regard to voicing opinions. Check out comments below the article: She’s mad as hell and she’s not going to take this anymore!  Continue reading

Android Hack

If you haven’t heard, the Android devices using the Stage Fright media library are vulnerable to hackers. There are reportedly 950 million devices that are vulnerable.

Last Samurai

Last Samurai

If you are running an Android operating system 2.2 or older, you are safe.  Otherwise you will need an update. It is unclear which carriers are pushing the fix to their customers. But, the fix has been sent out by Google.

Anti-virus programs will provide you some protection. But, many require manual updates. So, run your update process.

AT&T US$10 VR Headset App

Hypergrid Business is pointing people to a $10 VR Headset App being sold by AT&T. See: AT&T offers $10 VR headset, app. You may want to wait until we see more reviews. Plus, we may see some good free apps appearing.

Remembers It All Too Well

Remembers It All Too Well

The headset being offered in addition to the app is a Google Cardboard thing.

Of course you could get one of the 10,000 free Cardboard VR headsets offered by CM Products, LLC. Hypergrid has a funny video to go with that offer…

Flickr Image Embed Code Change

Flickr™ has changed the embed code they provide people for displaying Flickr images. That meant I had to change how I embed their images in the blog. I’ll explain some of what you can do with the new embed code. There is a discussion at Flickr about the new code here: New version of Flickr’s embed code.

City of the Ancient Gods

City of the Ancient Gods

Surely, you have noticed I use more Flickr images these days. It saves me time and there are so many gorgeous images from Second Life™. Taking the time to find gorgeous places and get great photos… it was becoming work. Embedding an image is easier.  Continue reading