Second Life: April Fools on Who?

April Fool’s Day is definitely an American tradition. Even big corporations like Sony get in on it. This year Sony released a Proton Pack ala Ghost Busters fame. It isn’t surprising that Linden Lab’s Second Life crew got in on the spoofing too. But, it was a bit of a disaster. They did their best to make the best of it.

The video here is what happened to me when I logged in to go check out the spoof. They announced it here: Exclusive Message for Second Life Residents Available Inworld Today! The tease was this was something about Project Sansar. Also that it was exclusively for Second Life™ residents, so you gotta login to see it. They gave a link to SL Town Hall.

The video is 10+ minutes long. I don’t expect you to watch it, at least not all of it.

You can see I made it about 10 minutes before the viewer completely locked up… pretty much the entire computer. My avatar never actually puller herself together. Nor did many of the other avatars in the region… about 28 of them. You will see me open the World Map about time-mark 4:40 to get a population count. The mini map is showing way more than 28. But, the area is divided up into 4 regions with the common corners in the center of the stage. So, the region I first rez in had more than 28, but 6+ minutes of the time I was in the region with 28 other avatars and not rezzing. Continue reading