Second Life Bits …and Sex – 2018 Week #38

SL Gossip

New World Notes has a big (lots of words) article, big for NWN, about the SL Secrets website, the owners getting banned, and the Second Life™ Governance Team… maybe writing the word ‘system’ rather than ‘team’ would be more accurate.

This ‘secrets’ site is one of those sites with things on it where we can never know the truth. It is all unverifiable they said versus the others said and one side is bound by privacy laws and can’t speak in their defense. Just the drama prone scenario politicians love. Sway the emotional…

Gossiping about Sam

Gossiping about Sam

If you don’t know, SL Secrets is a website where bullies, haters, and gossipers can go to create victims and dox them and troll readers. Snowflakes show up to whine and cry.

There is no way to vet the claims that show up there. So, it is all drama. Unfortunately, there is a market for it.

And SL banned the owners of the site… really!?! 

SL Support

Have you noticed how often Concierge Phone and Chat Support is often unavailable? I’m starting to think this is the notice they put up when they go out for coffee.

SL Sex

Caroline has recent (9/10) article up on ‘How To…’ have sex in SL, titled: Lets Talk About Sex! (NSFW) This is the basics. It is a great article for those noobs hitting on you that have an attachment that looks more like a trailer hitch than a penis.

This is a great link to have handy to give to a lustful noob. ‘Here. Thank you very much, now go away.’

SL Adventures – Sex

It is sort of sad that such articles are needed. But, some need the very basic lessons I think of as obvious basic social skills.

I understand those new to roleplay often need help. But, that is generally instruction in the mechanics of roleplay that is needed. Not about how to treat others, which many seem to lack.

I consider roleplay an unnatural behavior and thus it is understandable some training is needed. It is outside the day-to-day experience. It is a unique way to communicate and play within a virtual world. In RL we do not have to describe what we are doing with our bodies. We just do it and our actions are obvious. So, for roleplay that ‘describing our touch and movement’ is a learned behavior for roleplay in a virtual world.

That isn’t the point of Caroline’s article.

In the realm of pixel sex as well as RL, we often find out that telling someone ‘no’ brings out the real person. How do they handle rejection or withholding what THEY want? Many handle it very poorly. I find some nationalities are consistently horribly represented by some of their people in this regard. So much so it is easy to think everyone of the nationality is that way, rather than just the few jerks you are dealing with. But, remember. It is the person, not so much the race or nationality… not so sure gender can be completely excluded… but let’s say it probably isn’t just guys that are jerks.

Culture of course conditions people.

Caroline has a Saturday morning thing (11AM SLT) at her place in Second Life, Caroline’s Sex Mansion. If the guy doesn’t mind paying for sex and woman doesn’t mind being paid… it is a place to check out. And send noobs to for training…


Google Chrome Update

Chrome has changed again. The home page you are used to is sort of gone. The former frequent places is replaced with ‘suggestions’. They can be turned off and it sort of reverts to your frequently visited sites.

I suppose they needed another opportunity for advertising. Now they don’t have to wait for you to open Google and do a search. They get a chance when you start the browser or each time you open a new tab.

I turned of the recommendations. Their idea of what I am interested in is a mix of right on and ridiculously far off the mark. Making their recommendations annoying.


You also may not have noticed Google changed the login process. If you log into any Google property, their system will login the browser. I started doing that browser login thing long ago to avoid all the multiple logins I needed to do all day long when working. But, many never logged in their browser. They don’t like being tracked.

Those outside Google are pointing to the impact the change will have on privacy. Like there is any such thing left. The browsers can tell any website that asks who you are and how to contact you, what you are interested in, and so on. I suspect to get the interesting information they have to be a Google customer and paying for the privilege. So… you have been sold.

When you are signed into Google, your computer is being sync’d into Google’s cloud. Literally, your hard drive is being copied to Google’s servers. You can specify what is backed up/copied and what isn’t. But, by default, they just copy everything. Well, the everything may require you use Google Drive… but that ‘Drive’ is somewhat depreciated now and called ‘Sync’ and is consistently try to back up my drives. I have to keep pointing it to ONLY the folder of stuff I wanted shared.

A number of Google properties like Google Photos and Gmail will try to find every address or image on your hard drive. While Google sort perfunctorily asks permissions they have been moving away from asking and just doing. So, those very personal images from your Sandal’s romantic trip to St. John’s that you should never have let him take (it was the rum…) can turn up in unexpected places.

And if you wonder where those ad companies and political campaigns got your email address and phone number… there is a healthy chance Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or another large data house sold it to them.

I am not sure moving away from Google and their ever so useful tools will save you. It may simply be too late. But, if you are still trying, you have this new thing to consider.

Matthew Green in an article (originally I think) published on Breitbart tells how he sees it and provides more details as to what is happening. See: Google Chrome Begins ‘Syncing’ All Browser Data to Your Identity WITHOUT Asking.

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