The New Green Deal

WARNING – You are going to have to do some thinking…

The New Green Deal (H-Res 109 – Feb 7, 2019) is the lifesaving plan of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), US Representative – Democrat. She cares about the planet, is tots smart, and has a plan. Obviously with something this important you have to read her words. Trusting Nancy Pelosi, US House of Representatives Majority Leader – Democrat or Mitchell McConnell Jr, Senate Majority Leader – Republican probably isn’t wise and listening to both might be confusing. So, you can find copies of the document in Various places.

Alexandria_Ocasio-Cortez - US Representative NY - D
Alexandria_Ocasio-Cortez – US Representative NY – D

On the Democrat supporting websites (NPR etc.) there were FAQ’s. Those have mostly been taken down. There are places where you can still find them. They are disappearing. You, however, can find commentaries that explain advantages and disadvantages of the ‘deal’. You can make assumptions about why those supporting the ‘deal’ would be taking down their FAQ’s.

A point you should notice is the relation between when the document (109) was released and when stats claiming to list the support for the ‘deal’ were released. Be sure to check the source for ANY support claims.

Who knows history and who doesn’t is challenging for me to know. Please don’t be insulted as I’m going to include some history for reference. It isn’t intended to be personal.

The first concerns about climate originated in the early 1800’s as scientists learned about ice-ages. In the mid-1970’s the fear was of a coming ice-age. The EPA was formed in 1970. Here, I’ll point out that the Wikipedia has been cleaned of all references of Climate change as cooling in any era. You can see the Newsweek page with their article on cooling here. Now these stories are sited as early climate science mistakes. Implying we know better now and skeptics take unfair advantage of early ignorance. However, with each change we get a new round of ‘we have it right now’. They do not deal with their consistent failures.

Other government bodies have been doctoring data, getting caught, and covering up. See Climategate I, II, and III for a surpsing list of players. There are scandals involving NOAA and NASA. You’ll have to sort out the players, their agendas, and what is and isn’t factual. Pay a lot of attention to dates. What is not debatable is they have faked the data to get the result they wanted. Once a liar…

This is one of the odd situations where Communist, Socialist, and dictatorships have been more honest about climate than democracies. They have no need to convince anyone. They already have total control.

In the 1980’s the cooling was obviously not happening. The rhetoric changed to warming. By 2000 to 2015 warming was obviously not happening as predicted and too many citizens were on to the cover ups of past data manipulation and were aware of the satellite data (starting in 1967 with infrared and 1978 with oxygen microwave). The rhetoric changed to ‘Climate Change’. As 2018 drew to a close Climate Change was obviously not happening as predicted and the rhetoric is now changing to ‘Extreme Weather’. It can be hard to stay PC and use the correct term.

The UN prepares and publishes the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change – established 1988) reports periodically. The first report was published in 1990. The 5th report in 2015. A big part of the reports are the computer models of the Earth’s climate. The 5th report is too new to fully evaluate but the previous four were all wrong and it looks like the 5th is too. The predictions did not come true. The IPCC has been consistently wrong for ~30 years. Read their reports to see what they predicted and look at the raw data we have today to see the failures. Beware the ‘adjusted’ data.

Climategate and subsequent scandals explain part of what is being done to make the models look somewhat believable and which groups are working to hide the facts and spin those they release. These are STILL the people adjusting the data.

It is on the incredible failure of the IPCC to get anything right for 30+ years that AOC bases her ‘urgent’ reason for the ‘deal’. Shaky start.

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