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See the feature… change… request BUG-227585[BOM] Display the new Universal wearables between the Skin and the Tattoos ones.

Gael Streeter (of GA.EG products) has pointed out a possible problem with the use of the Universal Layer added with BoM, Bakes on Mesh.

As it is now, most are familiar with the original Classic layers provided by the SL system pre-BoM and pre-Mesh, Skin, Tattoo, Underwear, and Clothes. These stacked respectively from bottom to top. Each layer could cover the layer below.

10,000 Hours

10,000 Hours

The Universal Layer added a new layer between the Tattoo and Underwear layers. The order of layers doesn’t seem all that important as layers other than skin can be used for any purpose. The problem comes in how people think of the layers and figure out how to use them. So, using a tattoo layer for anything other than a tat is confusing until one learns what is going on.

Skin makers for bodies and heads have run into the problem of adding shiny and wet looks. With the Universal above the Tattoo layer, things get a bit complicated and require way more textures and layer-items to get the look possible if the Universal were moved down one layer.

Think of it as a tat maker having to make their tats for the Tattoo, Universal, Underwear, and possibly the clothes layer so we can dress as we want and stay mix and match.

GA.EG Updates

Today (10/15) I learned the GA.EG products are updating to new versions that include the BoM changes. This is a change for the Bento-heads. The change is not in the heads or HUDs. If you have the 2.0± updates, meaning the previous pre-BoM updates, then the head and HUD remain the same. The difference is the package contents. The package now includes the BoM-Applier released in September along with the BoM release announcement by the Lab. The BoM-Applier in the package is the same as the one you may have picked up in September.

Also added to the package, is a set of GA.EG skins for use with BoM. As best I can tell these are the skins that are in the pre-BoM Smart HUDs for the heads. You’ll find the skins come as skin, tattoo, and universal. Which starts to show the reason for the BUG-227585 request.

Pilot’s Dismay – sim-crossings now worse than ever!

Starting in September pilots started noticing a problem with region crossings. It got so bad they started a thread in the forum. The threads name is Pilot’s dismay – sim-crossings now worse than ever! This is quite the claim.

When I tried to make the Topless Cruise October 8, I found region-crossings really bad. I was at a show this Tuesday. So, I’ll try this Tuesday’s cruise later. Then I’ll have an idea if it is better or worse.

As it is now there are calls for pilots and sailors to file trouble tickets when crossings go bad. The hope is the Lindens will realize there is a problem. I think filing JIRA BUG reports would be more effective.

is SL messing up right now

There are more threads about problems in SL. The thread “is SL messing up right now” is another.

Myst Online – Uru

There are many of us from Myst Online: Uru Life in SL. One of the long-time members of the Dni community, Tai’lahr passed Oct 16, 2019. A memorial is in Kahlo in Aegura, the city in SL. There is also a thread in the MystOnline Forum. 🙁

Shergood Aviation

S-61R/CH-3C/E, HH-3E Jolly Green Giant, HH-3F “Pelican”

Kelly Shergood is the maker of the most realistic helicopters in Second Life™, IMO. Overheard in chat,

“[19:50] —— ———:I’m just reading messages, what’s kelly making?

[19:53] Kelly Shergood: Seaking/Pelican

[19:54] —— ———:oh wow that! awesome! how’s it going kelly? it’s completed?

[19:54] Tsukino Usagi (tsukino.firethorn): no, lots of work to do

[19:55] —— ———:well it will take time

[19:56] Kelly Shergood: It is more than 50% done

[19:57] Kelly Shergood: and less than 90% done”

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