Second Life News Week #42


I am finding it a bit harder to keep track of viewer versions these days. The Lindens say they are working on the release notes publishing process. So, it may get easier.

Other Viewers

Firestorm 6.3.2 is out and I’ve been running it and building BoM outfits. But, sailing and flying seemed to be a problem. There is confusion as to whether it is a server issue or a Firestorm Viewer issue.

Some experienced people are saying the Firestorm’s region crossing STOP-mode is broken. That may be true. My experience is all forward motion stops. Any pitch, yaw, or roll will continue. So, I think it is kinda half broke.

Playing Games

Playing Games

This week I did a sail and things went pretty well. The week before it was awful. The grid had not been rolled and regions had up-times of nearly two weeks. This week the regions had restarted and had a new version running. Since things were better and I used the same viewer, it is likely the restart or version update made the difference.

Catznip R12.3 is out. If you have the R12.3 beta installed and run the regular R12.2 as your main install of Catznip, it will want you to download the main release R12.3. I assume it is a matter of which folder it is installed in. But, my install seems a bit odd. The R12.2 Beta was still installed on my computer and what I was running. That beta remained after the R12.3 main install. Using the Windows uninstall the R12.2 Beta files were removed. But, it left the app-name in the Windows App List. You can Goole how to get ghost apps out of the Windows app list.

This update adds Bakes on Mesh support, which now supported by Firestorm means people are starting to use BoM. I know I waited until Firestorm released a BoM version. Now I’m making BoM outfits. So, this is a ‘must-have’ update for Catznip users.

I’ve used the beta Catznip version for a couple of hours to do some Halloween shopping. It is nice. Great inventory features.

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