Second Life’s End of InvisiPrims?

With the release if the Maintenance Viewer ( in week #11, invisiprims pretty much died their final death. Support ended for these critters in 2011. The code that renders them invisible has been in viewers up to this release. But, with this release something changed.

Dry Dock via Invisiprim - Noted by: Callum Meriman

Dry Dock via Invisiprim – Noted by: Callum Meriman

Inviziprims were prims with a special texture that caused things behind the texture to become transparent. Rendering-wise this was nightmare and problematic. The Lindens took advantage of a happenstance of the render pipeline to get them to work. I understand Crazy Mole once built a dry dock using invisiprims (the picture). Many boat builders used them to make the water inside their boats disappear. Continue reading

Second Life: NEW BONES, New AvaStar 2.0

This is a big deal. I’ll get into what it means and what some of the possibilities are.

For years Second Life™ users have been asking for more bones. That would let users make avatars with tails that are easily animated. Or with more than 4 arm-leg appendages. We will be able to have a centaur with 4 legs, two arms, and a tail, something that is way complicated now and pretty lame. Or a spider with 8 legs.  Continue reading

Kiss your Second Life inventory bye?

Canary’s list of anxieties Second Life™ residents has as items 3 and 4 a fear of losing their SL inventory and that they won’t be smart enough to use Sansar… See: Are Second Life™ residents anxious about Project Sansar?



I covered the loss of inventory in Second Life: Sansar Separation Anxiety. I think this fear is mostly imaginary. But, the issue is hard to define as there are types of loss to consider. It also requires a presupposition or two to think you’ll lose your inventory.  Continue reading

Second Life’s Lumiere Noir

I don’t know how well known the name is in Second Life™. I think the name Ivory Tower of Prims is probably better known. Lumiere Noir was the builder of the Ivory Tower Library of Prims. I’ve been to the Tower a number of times. It was a big help in my learning how to build with prims. I believe it is the best prim tutorial going.

Ivory Tower Staue

Ivory Tower Staue

Lumiere Noir - Ivory Tower Library of Primitives

Lumiere Noir – Ivory Tower Library of Primitives

Ivory Tower Statue

Ivory Tower Statue

Ivory Tower from Weapons Testing Area

Ivory Tower from Weapons Testing Area

Fans' Memorial Thoughts

Fans’ Memorial Thoughts

August 10, 2015 Lumiere Noir passed away. Separation and loss are painful. There are  degrees of grief. It seems to depend on ones beliefs. Whatever they are, no one seems to have words that adequately express our sense of loss or the empathy we have for those closest to Lumiere. Trying to express our feelings and comfort others in these matters shows how little we can actually do. But… we do what we are able. I can empathize, regret the loss, and deal with grieving my small part of the loss.

A number of Second Life Bloggers have covered Lumiere’s passing and in-world memorial. One of those is Daniel Voyager. He has pictures up from the memorial. Mine were taken after the memorial.

As to the Tower, no one is saying what will happen to it. However, most things Tower related are group owned. So, there are others to care for it. If you are looking for more information, contact Avi Arrow.

AvaStar 1.6-59 Alpha

Gaia Clary has a new version of AvaStar out. How binding works has changed. Seems lots of people didn’t get that an item had to be rotated and scaled before attempting to bind the item to the armature. Release Notes So, Gaia has adapted AvaStar to provide more help.

There are 5 new videos out. AvaStar Tutorials Play List. These provide tutorials for fitted mesh.

If you install the alpha version and find problems or want changes, file a ticket.