Second Life Bits 2018 w05

The rent is too damn high… a popular exclamation in Second Life™. For relief check out Penny Patton’s article Reducing the Cost of Land by Scaling Down.

This is not her only article on reducing land cost or making more efficient use of Second Life. So, you may want to browse her blog.

I’ll point out here that Penny’s ideas on the ‘Default Camera Position’ are being adopted by the Lab. We will soon have “Preset Default Camera Positions” as a feature of the Linden Viewer.

Doors – Another thing with Penny and her building to scale. In another article, Smaller Doors Anyone Can Fit Through, she on about making doors into SL building to scale.

The handy knowledge in this article is for those that have bought homes/building other have made. How does one scale down a building and still fit through the door? Penny has the answer.

Animations – I came across this video from a post in a Plurk.

Notice the hand and face animations.

On Plurk Dutchie® has been promoting the ‘dance’ chair. There are some NSFW images from the dances. 

Another animator is promoting their dance animations.

I’m not sure if it is the animation or the talent making the video that makes this so hot.

Dance Events – Inara Pey and Crap Mariner (a character 🙂  ) are starting to post about dance events. See the announcement, This Week In Second Life Dance. So… If you are into dance events…

Of course, there are dance events listed by the Lab on the website. But, my hope is CM will be telling us about the good ones. There are some awesome shows. They are great fun to video. Example:

The problem I ran into with this video is the copyright on the music. I had to replace their music with something YouTube would tolerate.

Mermaids – Hamlet has a fun article about mermaids, Magnificent Photos From SL’s Mermaid Roleplay Community. He links to some Flickr accounts that focus on mermaids. He also links to some SL Groups for those into mermaids.

Gym – Strawberry found a gym… whaaaa?

I’m not sure why anyone in Second Life™ would be interested in a gym. It’s a cute video. But, my avatar hasn’t gained a pound in all the time I’ve been in SL.

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