Birth’s Male Genitals – January 2020 – Review

If you are female and thinking of a sex change to male then you’ll want to read on. Or if you are male thinking of becoming a MAN… this will be interesting.

Need to Escape

I think the most popular ‘penis’ in Second Life™ is the Aeros brand. It is also an older brand and model. Some complain that it is too complicated or that the HUD is too complicated. But I think most SL users of reasonable intelligence can figure it out.

However, gaining in popularity is Birth’s entry into the male genitals market. The cocks are getting talked up… oh… no… that double entendre was not intended. They are being well spoken of in the SL Forum. There. Better.

So, I decided to take a look at them. There are 3 models. Zeus, Smooth, and Leviathon [sic]. The names have nothing to do with size. As best I can tell the names denote the difference in curvature. Zeus curves up, Smooth is straight, and Leviathon curves down. But the curve is subtle. So, that may not be the intended difference.

When it comes to size there are eight sizes included. Ranging from eXtra Small (XS) to Freak+. These are rigged mesh. So, there is no prim-style adjusting size or position. However, the position can be adjusted via the included HUD.


This penis is a Bento version. So, it has been animated. This is a good thing… well, fun thing. But, it also is the first Bento I’ve seen to runs into a conflict with how other animations work. The gotcha is that this penis uses some of the hind-leg Bento bones. So, if you are using anything that animates the hind legs this penis isn’t likely to work for you. If another animation moves the hind-legs then the penis is going to deform.

NSFWImage, Image, Image

The animations are for when you are having sex… so for when it is inside and you can’t see it!?!

OK, there are like 24 animations. Some of them are fun. There is one where it “waves”.  🙂 I’ve never seen one do that. I think it is quite funny.

There are some sway animations (2) for when one is standing around. Of course, the animation does not sync with your ‘stand’ animations. Maybe by accident, but it is an improvement over the immovable genitals.

There are 3 animations for masturbation. However, they only animate the penis. So, they too are unlikely to ever be in sync with the animation controlling the hand and arm.


Oh balls…. These are animated too and they can be size adjusted. They can be up tight…. Or they can hang low. Plus, when having sex, you can use one of the animations like Hard Thrust and have the balls actually swinging around. So, if you have that little slapping sound… you’ll have the animation to support it.


There are 2 HUDs; Settings, and Gadget. Both are straight forward. No tricky hidden or long-click features.

There is a handy HUD resizer and a Reset button to return the HUD to its default size.

Birth’s Gadget HUD for male genitals

There are what look like two erection controls. The outer control is a rotation control. It tilts the entire attachment. The inner control controls the state of erection. Changing the control causes the erection to transition from one level to another. The inner control also adjusts the length, which is rather unique.

One can tip it down and shrink it. Then make it raise and grow in length.

Birth’s Settings HUD

The changes are smooth animation. So, I don’t understand why the soft-to-hard and hard-to-soft animations in the HUD.

When the penis is flaccid and a soft-to-hard is played things do what you would expect. Until the end of the animation when it snaps back to whatever HUD setting you have set. So, if the HUD was set to flaccid when the animation started, the erection poofs. Serious ED.


This is the only area where I was disappointed. There is no interaction. Click on the guys Birth penis and… Nothing.

I like that Aeros penis has a HUD to share. I often get a copy of the HUD and play with the guy. But many people don’t know how to share the HUD and others don’t know it is available. So, not having the feature in Birth’s may not be that much of a problem.

Below are the numbers. This is a genital with surprisingly low render and script cost.

*Birth* ‘Zeus’ Bento Cock DEMO v1.03

ACI for all sizes = 7.3k±100 – 8 sizes Freak+ to XS
ACI Pubic Hair: 584
Cock: Total Scripts:          3 – 192k
Pubic: Total Scripts:         1 – 64k
HUD: Total Scripts:           2 – 128k

*Birth* ‘Mr Smooth’ Bento Cock v1.04 DEMOS

7.3±100 ACI
Same as above…

*Birth* ‘Leviathon’ Bento Cock DEMO v1.03

7.3±100 ACI
Same as above…

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