Second Life: New Forced Sit Coming

Yeah… sit down and be quite… probably a sentiment many of us feel in this political season in the USA. However, this new feature will only be a help in Second Life™. It is a new feature in the Linden Scripting Language (LSL), something I haven’t gotten to write about in some time.

A cute little butt to represent a new sit command? I suppose...

A cute little butt to represent a new sit command? I suppose…

Rider Linden was at the Beta Server user group meeting Thursday to let us know what’s in the works. It seems the Lindens are expanding the Advanced Experience Tools feature of Second Life. The idea of Forced Sit seems an odd feature to me, but the oddity comes from the name. Several people have a use for it and I rename it and describe it below. It is about way more than just sitting.

Rider says there will be some new functions that only work within Experience enabled scripts. You can get the full details of what is being envisioned in a Google Doc: Espeon: Forced Sits. (see WARNING below) Overview:

With the advent of Experiences Keys we would like to be able to allow scripts being run as part of an experience to force an avatar to sit in a particular location.  This feature will be useful in an adventure game scenario where an avatar is forced to sit in a trap so that it may sync its animations with the avatar, or in an amphitheater or classroom situation where a presenter wishes for all the other participants to remain seated. This document replaces the previous Scripted Sits document.

We will add at least one new LSL script function that will force an avatar to sit on a particular prim and make adjustments to the existing llUnSit() function to perform the counter action.

I’ll use an example from the game Obduction™, made by the people that made Myst™. They use this type of ‘forced sit’ in every game they have written. In Obduction there is a rail mounted car-type-machine you click on to ride/drive. Once you click a script takes over. It has the avatar open the car, enter, and sit. I believe this is what is being added to SL scripting, LSL – Linden Scripting Language.  Continue reading

Second Life: Third Party Viewer Meeting

Second Life: Third Party Viewer Meeting (video)

Current RC viewers are all having elevated crash rates. We’ll see new releases of them with various fixes as the Lindens try to get the crash rates down to what we have with the current default viewer, which dropped the crash rate significantly.

So, we very likely won’t see a viewer promoted to main status this coming week 35.

Under the Pumpkin Moon Hunt

Under the Pumpkin Moon Hunt

There is a new maintenance viewer coming. It should appear this coming week, but may be not. It could get hung in QA.

Oz Linden is expecting to get the 64-bit version of the viewer out as an RC soon. Oz says it is coming along and they are spending more time on it. There are some ‘corners’ to clean out according to Oz. Continue reading

Second Life: ADITI Update Week 15

Today I was logging into ADITI, the preview grid. It has had its problems. Today was a mess. A combination of things happening on my computer and the latest Bento Project Viewer combined with ADITI problems meant I ended up spending 45 minutes getting logged in.



We knew from people’s experiences last week that AGNI and ADITI inventories were getting confused. So, today I set my Project Bento viewer up to use a cache separate from the main and RC viewers. I’ll use the Bento exclusively on ADITI. The main, RC, and other project viewers I’ll only use on AGNI.  Continue reading

Second Life: Aditi Inventory

Inara has an update on the Aditi Inventory change. Aditi is the preview/beta grid. It is very problematic for now. For now the work around is to use a viewer in Aditi that does NOT share an inventory with the viewer you use for Agni (the main grid).

Using the same inventory cache for Aditi and Agni will create problems for you on both grids. See Inara’s article: SL project updates 16 13/1: Aditi inventory, invisiprims.

Second Life: Aditi Inventory

Recently a fix for updating of our inventory in ADITI (preview/beta) grid rolled out. Some people are working with it now. I started writing about the changes being made this last December in: Second Life’s ADITI Inventory Update Change.



Today is the first time I’ve logged into Aditi since the change rolled out. So, my inventory has yet to update. I am hoping for a Friday morning update.  Continue reading

Second Life: Aditi Inventory Update

For months the Lindens have been changing the inventory update process for the preview grid, Aditi. Inara made it to Tuesday’s Server-Scripting UG meeting where Coyot Linden (not a furry) announced the updates are nearing the end of the QA process and will likely rollout in week 11.

Let's go fly a kite

Let’s go fly a kite

See: SL project updates 16 10/1: SL viewer, Aditi inventory, PaleoQuest issues.

This new process will be a sync rather than an over write as previous. Your main SL inventory will be sync’d into your Aditi inventory. Your Aditi inventory will have NO influence on the Agni inventory. Continue reading

Second Life’s ADITI Inventory Update Change

You may have encountered log in problems trying to get into ADITI, aka Preview or Beta Grid. Today in the Beta Server UG meeting we learned that the problem is fixed or just about is. Along with the fix are some changes. Be WARNED! Inventory is going to behave differently.

OH Damn It, you've melted my ice cold heart

OH Damn It, you’ve melted my ice cold heart

If you logged into ADITI today or changed your password, Thursday 12/17, depending on the time of day, you may experience an odd inventory update. Coyot Linden extended his apology to anyone so unconvinced.  Continue reading

ADITI IP Tutorial Problems

Some users are having a problem seeing the Mesh IP Rights Test. If you have uploaded mesh to the Preview grid you know that you have to take the test once for the main grid and again for the Preview/Beta Grid ADITI. Only after passing the test can you upload mesh objects.

Their browsers are showing a blank page. BUG-1640Mesh Upload Verification – IP Tutorial in Aditi Grid leads to blank page – unable to verify for meshuploads.

There is no ‘for certain’ fix or work around. Try using different browsers. Try logging out of the web site and closing your viewer. Then clear your browser’s cache. Then use this link: Second Life Preview Grid IP Tutorial.

If you cannot get to the tutorial, file a trouble ticket and refer to BUG-1640. If you choose to file a JIRA Bug Report, file in the WEB project and refer to BUG-1640.