Second Life: ADITI Update Week 15

Today I was logging into ADITI, the preview grid. It has had its problems. Today was a mess. A combination of things happening on my computer and the latest Bento Project Viewer combined with ADITI problems meant I ended up spending 45 minutes getting logged in.



We knew from people’s experiences last week that AGNI and ADITI inventories were getting confused. So, today I set my Project Bento viewer up to use a cache separate from the main and RC viewers. I’ll use the Bento exclusively on ADITI. The main, RC, and other project viewers I’ll only use on AGNI. 

After the update install and setup, the Bento viewer wouldn’t run. A computer restart seemed to solve that. Typing a region name in for my login destination worked. I actually ended up on the region I targeted. The first login was way slow, like 5 minutes. Subsequent logins to a specific region were normal, about a minute.

Still, attempting to login into the LAST LOCATION takes 5 minutes or more and I end up some place I’ve never heard of.

I did have an inventory update. That was nice. I now have my Slink body in ADITI. It will be interesting to play with inventory to see how the sync’g works. But, I was hoping the inventory update would solve the Last Location login issue. It didn’t.

Caleb Linden is still working on the ADITI inventory update scripts. I have no idea who is fixing the inventory scramble problem viewer side. Word is we will have two separate caches. One for ADITI and another for AGNI.  We are probably 2 to 4 weeks away from seeing an RC viewer with that change. But, it is hard to guess these days. Also, duel caches may be a more complex change than I imagine.

Whatever, things are better in ADITI land.

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