ADITI IP Tutorial Problems

Some users are having a problem seeing the Mesh IP Rights Test. If you have uploaded mesh to the Preview grid you know that you have to take the test once for the main grid and again for the Preview/Beta Grid ADITI. Only after passing the test can you upload mesh objects.

Their browsers are showing a blank page. BUG-1640Mesh Upload Verification – IP Tutorial in Aditi Grid leads to blank page – unable to verify for meshuploads.

There is no ‘for certain’ fix or work around. Try using different browsers. Try logging out of the web site and closing your viewer. Then clear your browser’s cache. Then use this link: Second Life Preview Grid IP Tutorial.

If you cannot get to the tutorial, file a trouble ticket and refer to BUG-1640. If you choose to file a JIRA Bug Report, file in the WEB project and refer to BUG-1640.

HTTP Concerns

My readers know the HTTP aspects of Second Life™ are being upgraded to the latest and greatest tech available for HTTP. For most of us this is a non-issue we hope will give us better overall performance; faster texture download, more stable connections, and world that renders quickly.

ADITI Regions

ADITI Regions

For others this is a matter of their in-world systems, think vending machines and subscription machines, working or not. If you use vending machines or other tools that depend on a third party server, you should be checking with the creator to see if they are testing their products with the new HTTP protocol services.  Continue reading

New ADITI Fix Out

Simon Linden tells us that some work has been done on the Preview Grid’s (ADITI’s) database. This is because we ADITI users have been having inventory problems over on the Preview Grid. This has been a hit-and-miss change your password roulette. One kept changing their password until it worked or they ran out of patience and used an alternate.

When users change passwords, there main grid inventory is copied over to the ADITI inventory servers, which are not to be confused with the asset servers. As I understand it there is only one asset system. But, the list of what you own is kept in a inventory database and there are different inventory servers for ADITI and AGNI the main grid.

Lots of people that change their password for security, a good thing to do, but do not use ADITI. That loads up the ADITI inventory servers with useless data.

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#SL ADITI Grid Problems

ADITI is the preview grid for Second Life. This is where we test new scripts, mesh items, and lots of other stuff. It is popular with creators because uploads are free. Currently people are having problems logging in. The problem is caused by the hard drives for the ADITI database filling up.


There will be discussion at Thursday’s Beta Server meeting on what may be the best solution for the problem. If you use the preview grid, you will probably want to be there for that meeting.

Discussion in the SL Forum: ADITI Problems Thursday Meeting


ADITI is smaller than the main grid and runs on less hardware. The database for assets on the ADITI is much smaller, hardware-wise. Oskar Linden, no longer on staff, was handling keeping the grid running. But, the situation required manual cleaning of the drives. Now that is proving a problem.

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#SL ADITI Grid Problems

This last week we started seeing problems in ADITI. Or at least I just started hearing about them and running into them myself.

BUG-775No L$ on Aditi – 14/Nov/12

BUG-762I lost de uploads mesh and all lindens in aditi grid. – 13/Nov/12

BUG-807unable to use our inventory on the beta seconlife ..stuck on the log on screen.. as well i have partial access to inventory… passwords 3-5 times changed in 2 weeks – 16/Nov/12

BUG-809Bug – 807 occurs on multiple viewers as well i am not the only person affected it happens as well from viewer second life will post my viewer details – 16/Nov/12

BUG-810ON BETA GRID part of the inventory never works. Sometimes stuck in login screen for hours. Sometimes AV and inventory not rezzing at all. – 16/Nov/12

Maestro Linden says some of the ADITI problems were due to a hard disk filling up. That supposedly has been taken care of. But, I am still having problems logging in or doing much of anything on ADITI.

If you are seeing these problems, file a JIRA and reference the JIRA item that is most similar to what you experienced.