Aditi Problems

Starting in mid 2012 we started to have inventory problems when logging into ADITI, the preview/beta grid. Recently the Lindens have been working on getting the problem resolved. I’m not sure how successful they have been as several of us have recently had problems.

Monty Linden has been posting in a forum thread about the problem. See: Beta grid login failed.

The problem can pop up when you change your password. Monty reports they are having a problem with inventory import when passwords change.

The ADITI grid uses the same asset servers as the main grid, but uses different inventory servers. There is a problem with the database on the ADITI inventory servers. Seems they tend to fill up. The solution is not as simple as buying a bigger hard disk. Inventory is a huge database handling complex data queries. Upgrading the hardware is apparently a complex and expensive thing. So, Simon Linden, I think Simon, told us that the hardware change evolved into a fix-the-process thing, which is in progress now.

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New ADITI Fix Out

Simon Linden tells us that some work has been done on the Preview Grid’s (ADITI’s) database. This is because we ADITI users have been having inventory problems over on the Preview Grid. This has been a hit-and-miss change your password roulette. One kept changing their password until it worked or they ran out of patience and used an alternate.

When users change passwords, there main grid inventory is copied over to the ADITI inventory servers, which are not to be confused with the asset servers. As I understand it there is only one asset system. But, the list of what you own is kept in a inventory database and there are different inventory servers for ADITI and AGNI the main grid.

Lots of people that change their password for security, a good thing to do, but do not use ADITI. That loads up the ADITI inventory servers with useless data.

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ADITI Inventory Loss

I ran into this problem in early March. It seems my idea to change my password to flush and refresh my inventory in the ADITI grid was not such a good idea. It seems others use the same idea and change their password too. Or some may do it for security reasons. I suspect those of us playing and working in ADITI are more concerned about our inventory.

Several Problems

No Save Inventory – This is an annoying problem. When a password is changed one’s inventory is copied over to ADITI. Any inventory one had in ADITI previously is REPLACED. This is an expected behavor. It can be used to clean out the tons of test stuff one generate playing and experimenting in ADITI.

The new problem is anything created and saved to inventory will be gone the next time you login. Build something, save it to inventory, relog, and it is gone.

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