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Recently a fix for updating of our inventory in ADITI (preview/beta) grid rolled out. Some people are working with it now. I started writing about the changes being made this last December in: Second Life’s ADITI Inventory Update Change.



Today is the first time I’ve logged into Aditi since the change rolled out. So, my inventory has yet to update. I am hoping for a Friday morning update. 

The Change

Basically, inventory updating was a process of replacing the Aditi preview grid inventory with a copy of your Agni main grid inventory. That had problems. But, we had some control over it. Change your Second Life™ password and the system updated your Aditi inventory by wiping out all you Aditi inventory and replacing it with a copy of your inventory from Agni. Anything originally created in Aditi was lost.

The change is from a replacement process to a synchronization process. Now the day after you log into Aditi the system will synchronize Aditi with Agni, I understand about 6 AM PDT/SLT. This is a one way sync, Agni to Aditi. Nothing you create or change in Aditi will affect or appear in your Agni inventory.

The Problems

Sounds good. But, we are running into some problems. I’ll use a hair-do as an example. Pretend I have one called ‘My CFM Blond’ and I set the color to blond. Aditi updates and I have that a copy of that blond hair in my Aditi inventory. I put the hair on and it is blond, just as I would expect. While in Aditi I change the color to red.

I go back to Agni and the hair is still blond, as I expect. Tomorrow the Aditi inventory is re-sync’d. I go back to Aditi after the sync and what color do you think the hair is? Blond or red? I am expecting red. But, what I find is it is now blond. But, the sync process is not supposed to overwrite things done on the Aditi grid… or so we thought. Seems things are bit more complex than expected.

But, it seems anything that doesn’t get a new inventory UUID is assumed to be the item in Agni and apparently a new Agni inventory copy is written over the Aditi inventory entry at the next sync and that ends up pointing at the Agni asset.

I think that would change the Agni asset… but I am told not. I’ll have to test once I have some sync’d shared items.

The problem is only in shared assets, the Agni item copied to Aditi. An item copied from Agni has an Agni inventory item and asset ID (UUID). The assets for Aditi and Agni are in the same assets database, if I remember correctly. It is only the Aditi and Agni inventory lists that are different.

So, any change of a shared asset that does not get a new inventory ID number when changed will be undone on the next sync.

So, if I want the hair to stay red, I have to rez it and then take it. If it is No-Copy, I’m screwed.


I am NOT at all confident I understand the current process. I’ll get to test the process… some time. Then I’ll have a better idea of what is and isn’t working.

Your take away should be to be careful with your Aditi changes of items coming over from the main grid.

Slow Inventory Loading

Also, there are instances of inventory taking hours to download. Also, items created on the Aditi grid one day may not be in inventory the next, after a sync run. You can however clear cache and they come back. But, then you’re waiting hours for inventory to reload.

Last Location

Also logging in, attempting to log in, using Last Location in Aditi is horribly slow for some people, actually a lot of people and me included. It takes me 5 to 8 minutes from password until the progress bar disappears. Some have figured out that they need to type in the region name then log in, which is then about the same time as for Agni login.

Using the region name my log into Aditi takes about a minute.

11 thoughts on “Second Life: Aditi Inventory

  1. Well… it seems to be fully operational now… but what a mess !! And probably what a waste of computer ressources.
    By luck, main directories that interest me in aditi were not named the same way they are in agni. If not, i hope people are very (very very) well organized about their builds versions…

    A simple alternative solution : let people choose what they need to copy from agni to aditi.
    For instance, and preferably, from a special action in the advanced or developer menus.

    I am really wondering myself about the real aim of this evolution ??

    • I think the aim is to make inventory updates as Linden maintenance free as possible and give users something that is more usable than what we have now. The motivation for doing it now, the previous process was just not working. That meant they were getting more and more support requests… which cost money.

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  3. Finally, I am finding some CURRENT information on this issue. I have recently come back to the game within the past two weeks and everything is different. I was under the impression that I had to keep changing my password.

    Now I have to wonder, I have been seeing this “Fetching 11k items…” and it does it for awhile (I am using Firestorm viewer) in the inventory window. As I am writing this comment, it is now saying 11k items…. but umm … I don’t see those items in the inventory at all … Is this perhaps still a result of waiting hours to download?

    • Right now it is hard to say. The Lindens redid the inventory update for ADITI. That is corrupting the viewer’s inventory cache which in turn makes for ‘apparent’ problems on both ADITI and AGNI.

      The solution has been to use a viewer only for ADITI and another for AGNI. An alternative is to make shortcuts that launch the viewer for ADITI with a different cache using the command line switches. (

      • Gah. I may just wait until everything is working properly then. I will try using the SL Viewer for Beta only perhaps and Firestorm for Agni. I cleared the cash on the SL Viewer, I sure hope it updates within the next day. Wouldn’t that be nice? 🙂

        Until then, I’m putting a hold on creation. I’m not going to keep spending real lindens only to be disappointed when I see clothing isn’t fitting the way I planned on the main grid. It’s especially frustrating as a new-comer to the clothing creation world. As if I don’t have enough problems learning .. then there are issues with the beta! 😉 lol

        Thank you for the reply Nalates! 🙂

        • Once you log into the beta grid, your should see an inventory update after 6AM the next day.

          I’ve been logging into ADITI about once a week using the Bento viewer. Each time I see my new AGNI stuff in inventory.

          I feel you. Learning SL clothes making is loaded with gotcha’s…

        • I decided to give a try with the bento viewer after reading your comment and the thing is, it says I now have 10k items (up from 3k)… but they are not actually in any of the folders nor does anything change in there … over a week with this issue now and 4 days still waiting for support to even consider my ticket =\. In the other viewers I notice the items will vary but never change … it just feels like such a weird bug

          • I’m not sure what is going on with your ADITI inventory. At this point, wait for support to clean things up.

        • UPDATE: I ended up having to manually message someone via their live chat support, and she manually copied my inventory over. I hope that they figure out what the issue was though. Most people would just give up after the frustration I’ve been through with no replies. Now I just gotta get my pretend Lindens back lol

          • Glad you got to support. Continue to use separate caches for ADITI and AGNI.

            With any luck your ADITI inventory will now update within 24 hours of your last login to ADITI.

            SL has a bunch of gotcha’s that frustrate people. The Lab works on those that the most people complain about. ADITI has been and remains a low priority. Since this is messing up inventory on AGNI we may see a higher priority fixing it.

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