Second Life: News 2016 w41

There are no rolls to the main channel today.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, a new package will roll to the RC channels, all three get the same package.



This new package has more minor internal changes, supposedly security and crash fixes along with changes to data logging. More interesting is the addition of the new scripting function for forced sit. I find the deploys notice and the release notes in disagreement. But, recent Server Beta UG meetings have been discussing the forced sit function. So, I expect it to be in the package.

For more details, see: Second Life: New Forced Sit Coming


The former main viewer was version with the Visual Outfits Browser. Today we got version, the VLC RC version of the viewer. This is the one that switches how streaming media (video) is handled in the viewer.

I am looking forward to checking out how it works. I haven’t used this RC. I also removed QT for security reasons, I’m on Windows 10.

Now it is up to builders and content providers in Second Life™ to change their content over to more modern streaming formats.

RC Second Life Bento Viewer version – This RC version also updated this week from version Changes are bug fixes. The Bento feature is unchanged.

RC Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This is a new version to, updating from I have details of this version in last week’s news. Second Life News 2016 w40.

Second Life: New Forced Sit Coming

Yeah… sit down and be quite… probably a sentiment many of us feel in this political season in the USA. However, this new feature will only be a help in Second Life™. It is a new feature in the Linden Scripting Language (LSL), something I haven’t gotten to write about in some time.

A cute little butt to represent a new sit command? I suppose...

A cute little butt to represent a new sit command? I suppose…

Rider Linden was at the Beta Server user group meeting Thursday to let us know what’s in the works. It seems the Lindens are expanding the Advanced Experience Tools feature of Second Life. The idea of Forced Sit seems an odd feature to me, but the oddity comes from the name. Several people have a use for it and I rename it and describe it below. It is about way more than just sitting.

Rider says there will be some new functions that only work within Experience enabled scripts. You can get the full details of what is being envisioned in a Google Doc: Espeon: Forced Sits. (see WARNING below) Overview:

With the advent of Experiences Keys we would like to be able to allow scripts being run as part of an experience to force an avatar to sit in a particular location.  This feature will be useful in an adventure game scenario where an avatar is forced to sit in a trap so that it may sync its animations with the avatar, or in an amphitheater or classroom situation where a presenter wishes for all the other participants to remain seated. This document replaces the previous Scripted Sits document.

We will add at least one new LSL script function that will force an avatar to sit on a particular prim and make adjustments to the existing llUnSit() function to perform the counter action.

I’ll use an example from the game Obduction™, made by the people that made Myst™. They use this type of ‘forced sit’ in every game they have written. In Obduction there is a rail mounted car-type-machine you click on to ride/drive. Once you click a script takes over. It has the avatar open the car, enter, and sit. I believe this is what is being added to SL scripting, LSL – Linden Scripting Language.  Continue reading

Second Life Scripting: LSL to C#

We don’t get much scripting news in Second Life™ these days. There is Project Sansar which will use C#, which I think dampens the enthusiasm for working on LSL (Linden Scripting Language). But, this little piece of news popped up on SLUniverse: LibLSLCC – Replacement for LSL editor, lsl to C# converter.


I really like this image…

If you’re interested drop by and say thanks. If you’ve tried it out, drop by and give it a review.

The converter is here: Github: EriHoss/LibLSLCC. Scroll down for more information. For those just wanting the executable: LibLSLCC & LSLCCEditor Build.

I’m not scripting. Nothing I’m doing needs a script just now. So, it may be some time before I get to it.

Second Life Server Update Week 41

The main grid got a new package Tuesday 10/6. There is no update ready for the RC channels. So, the entire grid is running the same package.

345 When night turns into day

When night turns into day

The package rolled out has fixed server crash and fixed the Region Debug Console help text. It also makes the new LSL functions for getting attachments functional grid wise.

Function: integer llGetAttached( ); – Returns the attach_point (an integer) the object is attached to or zero if it is either not attached or is pending detachment.

Function: list llGetAttachedList( key avatar ); – Returns a list of public attachments worn by an avatar.

Function: list llGetObjectDetails( key id, list params ); – Returns a list of the details for id, specifically those requested in params. – This is an older function but gets a new ability.

Simon Linden hopes to have a maintenance package ready for next week.

Second Life Script Sources

I recently needed to see how some things are scripted in Second Life™. I went looking for an existing script similar to what I need. I came up with these sources for free Second Life scripts.

Free LSL Scripts

Free LSL Scripts

Waving Girl

Waving Girl

Free LSL Scripts – This site’s domain was obviously selected for search placement: The blog style site, once you get to the free scripts page, shows popular, recent, and after scrolling down categories of scripts. This is a great site for beginning scripters, IMO.

The site includes a great collection of tutorials on all sorts of things related to SL.

They have an in-world shop too: Phaze Demesnes.

SL Wiki Script Library – This is the script library maintained by users on the SL Wiki. It is a good collection of scripts. Some are old. A few are new.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2013-13

This week we did get a rollout to the main channel. The code running on Blue Steal and Le Tigre was promoted Tuesday morning.  This is a package that has a bug fix or two and a crash mode fix, which I think is mostly a security fix. So, we won’t see much change in the main channel… may be a bit less griefing.

Server-Scripting Meeting - Baker's Estate in Background

Server-Scripting Meeting – Baker’s Estate in Background

Release Channels

Wednesday we will see the Blue Steal and Le Tigre RC channels get the exciting rollout. SVC-3755 is included which changes how the CHANGED() event works. Now CHANGED_REGION and CHANGED_TELEPORT will work from child prims.

Continue reading

Second Life Scripting Changes

We don’t hear much about changes to the Linden Scripting Language (LSL) these days. But, today is different. We got a bunch of stuff. Exciting stuff!

Server Beta Meeting 2013-12

Server Beta Meeting 2013-12

At the Server Beta meeting Kelly and Maestro Linden were announcing several new changes.


There are changes coming to the Particle System in Second Life™.  Maestro Linden said, “Alright, so there’s an upcoming server maintenance project, which will probably go to RC next week it has your usual bug fixes, but it also includes goodies for new LSL features.”

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Second Life Scripting Update


LSLEditor Scripting

Kelly Linden recently discussed the LSL and C# languages in SL scripting. The interesting parts I’ll cover. The transcript is here: Kelly Linden 2010-11-8

To understand what the issues are in regard to scripting, one needs to consider the larger software development world. LSL (Linden Scripting Language) was developed to meet a need the Lab had; to give novice programmers playing in SL a tool they could use. Many RL programmers have wanted a language other than LSL (Linden Scripting Language). The use of a more advanced language that is more common would allow more advanced scripting in SL. Professionals could program for SL without learning a new language.

The Lab has been considering and planning to add additional languages for some time.  Continue reading