Second Life’s ADITI Inventory Update Change

You may have encountered log in problems trying to get into ADITI, aka Preview or Beta Grid. Today in the Beta Server UG meeting we learned that the problem is fixed or just about is. Along with the fix are some changes. Be WARNED! Inventory is going to behave differently.

OH Damn It, you've melted my ice cold heart

OH Damn It, you’ve melted my ice cold heart

If you logged into ADITI today or changed your password, Thursday 12/17, depending on the time of day, you may experience an odd inventory update. Coyot Linden extended his apology to anyone so unconvinced. 

Coyot and Oz Linden advise us the previous process of updating inventory ONLY when we change our password is over. Coyot was at the meeting to talk about the new account sync mechanism for ADITI.

Caleb Linden: yes, Coyot. please take it away!

Coyot Linden: Okay, so as Rex observed 😉 and many others have the current method of syncing accounts from agni to aditi has … issues,  even when you wanted it to happen, it sometimes wouldn’t and when it did it overwrote inventory. Now, there are two major differences:

1) It MERGES AGNI inventory into ADITI inventory instead of overwriting.

2) It is based on whoever has logged into ADITI in the last 24 hours when it runs in the middle of the night SLT.

Soon each night those that have recently logged into ADITI will have their inventory merged with their AGNI inventory. This is a ONE-WAY sync/merge, AGNI -> ADITI.

So, Oz says if you log in that …day…, “The sync happens during a nightly batch run at (roughly) the same time every night.

So, no changing password changes to trigger an inventory sync from AGNI to ADITI. That means I can change my password more often. I often held off to avoid updating my ADITI inventory.

Of course you can change passwords whenever you want. But, the change is no longer going to be the trigger for an inventory update on ADITI.

Outfits are not going to sync, if I understood correctly. Seems there are some issues with that idea. There are some issues and odd things that happen with the Current Outfit Folder (COF). It sounds like COF will update along with the inventory.

Every item in inventory has a unique ID. Either something is an exact match and has the same ID or it is different and has its own ID.  The ID is the same on AGNI and ADITI. So, we won’t be getting duplicates when the AGNI inventory is merged with the ADITI inventory. Since it is a merge, we won’t lose what we have been working on in ADITI as we did in the previous process.

Your ADITI inventory is going to be ‘in addition’ to your AGNI inventory.

Oz Linden exaplains it this way, “If an item is only on ADITI, it will still only be on ADITI; if it was only on AGNI, it will be added to ADITI, if it was on both you will have just one copy on each grid. When you “modify” an object, you’re really making a new object, so yes, it [the merge process] knows that it has been modified… they are no longer the same object.

The new process is NOT operational. But, soon will be. No official ETA.

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