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Crap. I’m coming down with a cold… sniffle, sniffle, hack, hack… need more chocolate. So, I’m browsing through the Second Life™ related blogs finding things I think are neat.


Strawberry Singh has a nice article up titled 10 Years of Second Life Fashion. Damn. She has always looked good.

10 Years of Second Life Fashion

10 Years of Second Life Fashion

Click the image and jump over to Flickr. Read the comments. Check out her albums.

…and you do know she does videos from Sansar? HMSS Videos


Sansar News Blog has the article, Special Torley-Inspired Scavenger Hunt Edition of Atlas Hopping with Berry and Drax, Saturday, January 6th at 11 a.m. PST. Yeah, that whole thing is the title.

Seems Torley is connecting with Drax and Strawberry to pursue a hunt in Sansar. I suspect they will be streaming it to YouTube.

SL Web Single Sign In

Inara is reporting that the SL Web Properties are implementing a single sign-on. This means if you sign on in one SL site you are good on all SL sites. Aaaaa… I’m not sure that is working. But, it is better than it was.

Aditi Has Problems

Since Christmas, the Aditi inventory sync is not working well. It was brought up in the Web Properties UG. I’ve been seeing complaints in the SL Forum Answers.

Some of us have been having problems logging into Aditi. We get in but it is a broken connection. You are there but, you can’t walk, fly, no working World Map, TP, chat…

Caleb and Mazidox Linden are looking into it.

Try typing in your destination. Then if this happens to you, give it 2 or 3 minutes then log out. Wait 5 minutes and try again using Last Location.

It does not seem to be a viewer specific problem. I’ve hit the problem with the Main Linden Viewer 5.0.9, Alex Ivy, and Firestorm.

Iguanas Freezing

USA Today is writing about this funny story. Poor iguanas.

North Sea frozen

Real Climate Science is publishing data from the Danish Meteorological Institute, Northern Sea Route Blocked With Thick Ice. Three meters of ice. Last time this happened was 2010. To compensate for global warming Russia is building 3 next-gen icebreaker ships.

Al Gore was telling us summer polar ice would be gone by 2014, never to be seen again… Well, he only implied the last part.

Through 2015 to now, Antarctic ice cover has been increasing…

Even the Washington Post has had to mention, “Antarctic ice has set an unexpected record, and scientists are struggling to figure out why.

One of the things I find interesting is NASA reports record ice melts but skips reporting record ice formation. One has to look to more scientific groups and institutions to get the rest of the story.


The next update was to release in November 2017. The hope is we will see it update this month.


…I’m gonna have a bowl of soup.

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  1. Nalates, you have guts and you’re never afraid to say what you think. So important! I didn’t know how to contact you, so decided to try in here. Perhaps you can do a piece about the following press release, since it touches on destabilizing the whole idea of freedom of speech?

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