Second Life: Aditi Inventory Update

For months the Lindens have been changing the inventory update process for the preview grid, Aditi. Inara made it to Tuesday’s Server-Scripting UG meeting where Coyot Linden (not a furry) announced the updates are nearing the end of the QA process and will likely rollout in week 11.

Let's go fly a kite

Let’s go fly a kite

See: SL project updates 16 10/1: SL viewer, Aditi inventory, PaleoQuest issues.

This new process will be a sync rather than an over write as previous. Your main SL inventory will be sync’d into your Aditi inventory. Your Aditi inventory will have NO influence on the Agni inventory.

Deleting things from your Agni inventory will NOT delete them from your Aditi inventory. Once they are copy from Agni to Aditi they stay in Aditi until you discard them while in Aditi.

The stuff you build or upload to Aditi will stay in your inventory. The sync does not affect your Aditi stuff that originates in Aditi. This is a big change and will change my work flow. I was in the habit of triggering an update in Aditi to clean up my design process. Now I will need to change how I work.

It may be a good idea for me to trash everything in inventory in Aditi in prep for a new update… Then I can create an ADITI folder for stuff I upload into Aditi.


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