Second Life News 2019 w03


No Deploys post this week. Simon Linden tells us there will be an RC rollout. My main channel home region did not restart today, Tuesday.

The only change Simon mentions is more logging is added to the RC.

Can't stop the dawn

Can’t stop the dawn


The main/default viewer remains version Last updated 2018 week #50.

Second Life Bugsplat Viewer version – Last update was in week #47. 

Second Life EAM Viewer version – Last updated 2018 week #51.

Second Life Love Me Render Viewer version – Last updated in week #50.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – Last updated in 2018 week #10.

Second Life Project Bakes On Mesh Viewer version – Last updated in week #50.

Second Life Project EEP Viewer version – Last updated in week #51.

Takes some time for things to start moving after the holidays. Plus, the flu is starting to hit. (Flu Map)

Other Viewers

Alchemy – ??? This is a close to dead Viewer. I haven’t heard anything out of them since mid 2017. Twitter, the blog, nothing is updated. For any news you must go in-world and I think they have a Discord channel.

Black Dragon is still on 3.3.9 from two weeks ago.

Catznip – ??? Let’s see… there Twitter feed last updated January 2016, Inara wrote about R12 in January 2018, and if you Google, stuff you find will suggest the viewer is not maintained. But it is. You just need to be in Catznip’s circle of informed people.

Catznip has a Patreon page. If you like the viewer, definitely think about supporting it. That page seems to be the only recently updated information. The last version is 12.1 as of August 2018. In September another version was delayed. No word since then.

The author is often present in the in-world Catznip Viewer group.

[2019-01-15 – 14:52] Nal: How do you guys keep up on the latest version of Catznip?

[14:53] Kitty Barnett: you track down the elusive Kitty… trap it in a box… And don’t let it out until it’s finished a release 😮

[14:56] Kitty Barnett: work permitting there will be a release end of the month 😐

Cool VL Viewer – Now up to as of 1/12/2019.

Firestorm is still on the early access Beta version (6.0.1). Once this version goes gold, we will see more animesh stuff on the grid. The Lindens are hoping it releases soon.

Kokua – This viewer is on version as of 12/17/2018.

Restrained Love Viewer – Is now on version as of 12/13/2018. (ref)

Singularity – My Feedly and this site do not get along. I’ve redone my connection. I will have to see if it helps.

They are on version 1.8.3 and have announced (1/6/2019) they support Bento. They also make it clear Singularity users should be running the Alpha versions… Oh man… These are said to be more stable and bug free than the main release version. So, why call them ALPHA? Why not update the main version? But that is just they way they do it.

Other News

On January 15 the Lab announced they would be updating the bake service and hopefully fix the Tiny Float Bug. This is the one that had them floating a foot or so off the ground.


“Once the update has completed, any avatars experiencing issues with hover height will need to change outfits in order to help you stand on the ground.”

From the Grid Status page

I suppose the outfit change is to force a rebake of your appearance.

Escort Training – Caroline’s Mansion is providing courses in escorting for money. See NEW ADVENTURE. (URL – NSFW – XXX)

Amazon River – This is an advanced roleplay area of SL. It is novel in that there is no OOC pass for visitors and photographers and it all runs as an Experience. They have some interesting RP classes. Join their group to get announcements.

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