Second Life News Week #22

We have not had a Deploys post since 5/6, 3-weeks no post. Some have speculated that since viewers have a new release notes system the server’s release notes will be updating. But… rumor is no. Also, the wiki release notes have not been updated.

Centaur Photoshoot & Parade

Centaur Photoshoot & Parade

Monday was a holiday in the USA, Memorial Day – remembrance of those Americans that died in WWII.

So, the Lab was closed Monday. Things may be a bit rushed and behind today. I didn’t really expect a main channel roll today, but we got one. Also, I suspect the server update sequence is likely out of pattern from the TP-Crossing Disconnects problems.

RC Channel Sandboxes May 2019

Whatever. The mainland Zindra region I live in updated to version Second Life Server My in-world detector says it rolled at 13:51… I think that is 6:51 AM SLT/PST. At 9± AM SLT as I was writing this, numerous regions were down. I was looking at the world map and seeing red regions. Some seemed to be staying down… I am assuming these are the restarting regions.

Last week my home region ran version… definite update.

Last week the RC’s ran:

  • Second Life RC Blue Steel – RC Channel – Internal Fix.
  • Second Life RC Le Tigre – Same as Blue Steel.
  • Second Life RC Magnum – Same as Blue Steel.

With no post, I won’t know what they are doing with the RC’s until Wednesday.

Now looking around on Wednesday, May 29, 2019, I see these versions running on the RC channels.

  • Second Life RC Blue Steel
  • Second Life RC Le Tigre
  • Second Life RC Magnum

Simon Linden at Tuesday’s Server-Scripting UG said they might update an RC channel and it looks like they did. The information available on the update is it consists of ‘Internal Changes.’ A small RC test channel somewhere is getting his recent TP-Crossing fixes. So, we have to wait until at least next week to see those spread to a larger area, assuming they work as planned.

I happened to zoom my World Map out while in the Blue Steel RC Sandbox and noticed all the RC Sandbox Regions are near each other. There are six islands… tiny continents. Three of the islands are made of 4 regions running the same RC channel. The other three are mixes of RC channels and the main channel. Their purpose is to allow testing of things that are sensitive to simulator version changes.


The main version is This version released in week #21. It is the EAM Viewer with a minor rollback for the Touch_Start problem.

The BoM and EEP projects are still being tweaked. Fix one thing in the render engine and 2 things break. The Lindens say they are making progress. But,  no ETA.

Other Viewers

So not much new this week.

Alchemy popped up in my Feedly in a Hypergrid business post. It was a mistake on Feedly’s part. They were showing it as four days old. But, the article was posted in February 2016… bummer.

While Alchemy is not totally dead, it isn’t showing much in the way of life signs.

CoolVLViewer- Updated 2019-05-25. I don’t like the V1 user interface. So, I don’t keep up with this viewer, other than to notice it is updating and active. However, for those with older hardware, this is probably the best viewer.

Everything else is a week or two old.

Other News

I am sure there is… I just haven’t taken time to go looking.

Tuesday I did check out the Topless Cruisers cruise. (Group SLURL) I decided I am a disaster at the more realistic sailing simulations.

The cruise started and ended in Eden-Fruit Islands, which I think is a fun place to sail and fly. The members of the group use the USB HUD… short for Ultimate Sailors Buddy.

The HUD is easy to use. But, being my first time, I was trying to figure it out and avoid running aground. I did neither well. The video shows how to make a set of waypoints and load them into the HUD. Our cruise started at the Poseidon Sail Training Center and progressed to 37 waypoints. The endpoint was at a major party house with a DJ and lots of dancing.

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