Second Life News 2019 w08

Other Viewers

Catznip as a new viewer version out, Catznip R12.1 – Feb 18, 2019 (64bit).

R12.1.1- Porch w/Sun-Shadow-Projector @ 256m DD – 56 FPS
R12.1 – Porch w/Sun-Shadow-Projector @ 256m DD – 78± FPS

R12.1.1 – Skybox Green Room 1500m Elv – 126 FPS
R12.1 – Skybox Green Room 1500m Elv – 127 FPS

R12.1.1 – Nelsonia w/26 avatars ACI limit 150k – 23 FPS
R12.1 – Oritz Safe Hub w/28 Avatars ACI Limit 151k – 20± FPS*

*This was a bit of a problem. As avatars rendered my FPS went down to 10 FPS and then slowly recovered to 20 FPS.

Last time I played with this viewer I had a problem with scene rez time. Remember:

Catznip vs Firestorm September 2018

This time the same location took about a minute to render. So, Way faster. But, looking at the scene I get 13 FPS… which sucks. I teleported back to this place, Bumrose, a few times to see how quickly it rendered and what FPS I would get. Some renders were almost instant. Other times it took between 1 and 2 minutes. But generally, around a minute. But the FPS stayed low, 10-13. That seems to be independent of the number of avatars present.

CoolVLViewer- 2019-02-16 – New. Release notes. Seems like mostly geeky fixes. I’m not sure any of them are user visible.

Firestorm is new. I have more info (Firestorm Viewer Update – Feb 2019 = and Inara has been writing about it too.

The 5.0.7 version of Firestorm will be blocked in 3 weeks, about week #11. That version uses some UDP Inventory channels. The Lab will be turning those off soon. Maybe not in 3 weeks, but soon. So, that version will stop working whether blocked or not.

Also, the Beta Animesh viewer (6.0.1) will be blocked. The new 6.0.2 is the same viewer but better.

I had the feeling the 6.0.2 version was better. I couldn’t put my finger on why. Today I noticed it was smoother when I was using my SpaceNavigator to cam through an event. Previously it had a jerk. That is gone now. Very smooth pans.

Kokua (RLV) and a No RLV version have been released. There are some interesting improvements. Texture memory is automatically set at 512MB, 1GB, or 2GB depending on the memory your graphics card has. The max is 50% of your card’s memory. This is the code made by Ansariel and Tonya of the Firestorm Team.

There is a fix to help avoid attachment state confusion between the viewer and the servers. You have likely seen an attachment disappear on region crossing and Inventory and Appearance still show it as worn. Kokua now has the Refresh Attachments and a fix From Henri Beauchamp of Cool VL Viewer.

There is more. Check the Kokua announcement for all the changes.

RLV – is new. The list of changes is in the announcement. While attachments are a problem in region crossings, this version is said to be much improved. There are other minor fixes that should remove some annoyances. RLV should be faster.


Note: More news tomorrow.

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