Second Life News 2019 Week #17

Since last Thursday my teleporting and crossing to other regions has deteriorated. Then today in the middle of the Server-Scripting User Group my Internet goes down. :/ I get disconnected from Second Life think I got bit by the SL bug. Then can’t relog. My computer can’t find SL… A little more troubleshooting and I realize I can’t go much of anywhere on the Internet. Call COX. They are on it. They know it is down.

Fantasy Faire : The Celestial Plain (1)

Fantasy Faire: The Celestial Plain – 2019

About 30 minutes later I’m back up according to the router diagnostics. But I can’t connect to much of any place. Oh… but my laptop can. It uses the default DNS servers and my Desktop uses Google and OpenDNS free. So, I change the DNS servers my desktop uses and all is great. SL works again and better than it has all this last week. Well dang.

So, are my disconnections from the SL server bugs or my DNS server problems or both? No way to tell.


This week the Deploys post tells us the usual server rollouts are changing. Monday, no changes. Tuesday RC Le Tigre and RC Blue Steel are to update to version I can’t find any release notes for this but it is very likely targeting the disconnection problem. On Wednesday the same version may roll to the Magnum and the Main Channel depending on Tuesday’s result. Thursday will depend on what happens Tuesday and Wednesday.

Bugsly Linden posted, “We are working on the TP & sim crossing disconnect issue, and making several changes over this week.  These may be a little bit more disruptive than our usual grid roll process and we apologize in advance for the inconvenience of those.  We’ll do our best to keep this disruption to a minimum.

We have a simulator update which we will roll to Blue Steel and Le Tigre on Tuesday.

Depending on the results we will make additional plans for grid-wide rolls as soon as practical. We thank you for your patience and fully realize both the urgency and the frustration this has been causing.

From the Server-Scripting UG Meeting Simon Linden says, “Let’s see … for server news, many of us are focused on the teleport issues.   We’ve been changing our deploy schedule a little bit for that too so we can try and get tests and hopefully a solution out soon.

I hate to promise anything, but we all know a lot more about TP internal problems than we used to 🙂

We do understand they’re annoying and a frustrating problem – we definitely want to fix it and make it better.

We can hope…


The main viewer is This is the Estate Management Viewer (Release Notes). This viewer was a newly updated RC in week (#16)

Second Life Bakes On Mesh Viewer version – Released week #13.

Second Life EEP Viewer version – Updated last week, #16.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – Released week #13.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – Last updated in 2018 week #10. Now on the back burner for over a year.

Other Viewers

CoolVLViewer Windows x86_64  – 2019-04-13.

Kokua Releases (NORLV) and (RLV & FTRLV) – This version has the Estate Manager Tools. Includes the fixes from Cool VL Viewer to reduce the loss of attachments when TPing or crossing regions. There are some fixes for the Linux versions.

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