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The adult scene is continuously changing just as everything else is in Second Life. Some things I’ve noticed recently.

Abducted by Aliens has closed. A financial thing. If you joined the group, stay in. Rumor says they will be back. (reference) I thought it fun and funny. 🙁

Alien Art – Click for MP

Dirty Rhythms is an adult region advertised as;

Adult sex and swingers resort and nude beach. DR has everything for discriminating adults. Hot sex with all the best gear in SL. Make your fantasies come true. Hot nude beach and sexy party spots for you and your friends. Be sure to visit Teasers!

You may not know it recently moved. I had to update my Land Mark (URL) a few weeks ago. It was a busy place, a good pick-up place. Now it is deserted, very few people there. So, bring your own stock of preferred sexual preference.

If you search on ‘Dirty Rhythms’ you’ll find several LM’s in the results. They take you to different places in the same region. Many are the same places you get to using their teleporters.

Dirty Rhythms 2017

It may be the crowds ignore it now because the group join is L$1,000. Yikes! I can’t see anything to motivate me to pay that.

However, it is a gorgeous build and not having a membership isn’t overly restrictive. But, it is not particularly photogenic. But, pretty and well made, enough so I say ‘gorgeous’. Especially for an adult region where most tend toward sleazy. Dirty Rhythms is way more toward the classy romantic.

The SL Search land point (map URL) is not all that helpful. So, explore. Go through the big doors.

It has a load of toys and places. You’ll have to explore to find them. Most of the animations are good. They imply that for some you will need their group tag active. I haven’t run into that actually being the case… yet.

Whether you are into exhibition sex or prefer your passion in private, you’ll find a place. There are some bondage and slave toys too. Plenty of dance machines in the form of flowers and several dedicated dance places.

There are teleports to various places in the region; Sunset Room – a teleporter in the sky – step off and fall, Swingers Resort – the main landing point, Swingers Club – a mansion, The Pier – nice cabana filled nude beach, Truck Stop – a beach dance floor, and the XXX Theater – more of a millionaire’s home theater and it works. All these places have plenty to explore and lots of places to get your kink on.

oRgAsMs is another adult region. It advertises itself as;

2 full sims Hosting up to 200 People & No Lag We Have a Full BDSM Lounge & Playground, A Free Sex Lounge, A Large Porn Cinema & Playground. Glory Hole Cum Slut Restrooms, The Amazing Pool, Hotties Strip Club & VIP Room & Much Much More Open Collar & RLV

Orgasms Oct 2017

The place is way popular. Every month or so it remodels. The 2-sim region is two regions; oRgAsMs and Hotties Stripper/Escort Club. Both of these places are more about getting people in and getting them laid. So, they are more sleaze than class.

The Hotties region is new to me. I think it just popped up recently… or I just noticed it. Whichever, it is new to me.

I will warn you NOT to click ad boards to get landmarks while there. You’ll expect to get the one landmark you are interested in. But, they keep coming. You’ll have to block/mute the sender/object to stop them. I had 20+ before I got it blocked. It might have been just the one vendor or an SL glitch… but, I am not trying another.

I seldom get hit on here. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Kingdom of Pleasure was a BDSM and Hunter-Prey RP region (region name: Kingdom Lost). They describe their region with a list of keywords I can’t put on this site.

For weeks, the sim has been down. Or closed. It continued to show on the map until today. I thought one of the glitchy server updates messed the place up and the Lindens were restoring it. But, it has been down too long for a rebuild. The owner has yet to confirm whether closed or down. However, today (10/24) I find the region has reset to a default terrain and has a for sale signs on it.

They had a fun Hunter-Prey region.

Now you can find nearly the same build in NaTuRisT Sunland Beach, at 2,050m altitude*. It will look very familiar.

*Warning: these LM’s seem to overridden by region settings. The target of the above LM is 128/128/21, which is the beach below, but you’ll land at 240/116/2050 in the Kingdom… maybe. Once there I TP’d down to the beach. I think it is supposed to work the other way. Later in the day it did. Whatever, my LM’s may be confusing. Figure it out.

Naturalists Sunland Beach is said to have just ‘reopened’ (region name: Nude – See * above). It is owned by the same person as Kingdom was. It looks somewhat under construction to me and the shops were mostly empty. It has been that way for 7+ weeks. The shops are filling up.

At first look, this is very much just a nude beach. There is a link/teleport at the landing point that takes you to what I assume will be the new Lost Kingdom, if you don’t land in the Kingdom the first TP in. It is in the same region at 2,000m. It isn’t finished, at least I think it isn’t. It looks like they are moving/moved the build from the old region to the new.

Naturist Beach @ Nude – 2017

Lots of people have been there when I’ve been at the beach when I’ve been there. So, a good possibility of hooking up.

You land in a shopping area. These are not many top end designers. A few are really good, nice stuff. Most are simple slutwear. And up in the Kingdom, there is a lot of what I call noobie wear. Down on the beach, it is a bit classier.

As you walk past the shopping area in the Kingdom you come to a BDSM castle with the familiar nude woman standing over the doorway. Lots of RLV toys and cages inside. There are dungeons and rooms. An Italian BDSM area behind the castle.

At the beach, you move out of the shopping area and into the beach.

In the Kingdom, you went past the castle to the staging area for the Hunter-Prey area. There were weapons for sale and a meter you had to have to get to the teleport pads. That is all gone. Whether it will get added to the new region is anyone’s guess.

The beach is the typical nude beach. Suit or nude… I find lots of people there. Like 40 to 50+, which lags the place. So, while there are places to hook up, the lag kinda dampens the mood.


That’s it for now.

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