Second Life: Finding Virtual Sex

So, fun and an easy place to burn up a couple of hours, more if you are into solving all the puzzles.

Haunted Silent Peacock Hotel (SLURL) has rules posted and prohibits nudity. So, one would think the Adult rating here was definitely not a sex thing. But, as the rooms are explored you’ll find some kinky torture devices. Some dead, nude, anatomically correct bodies. However, they are a very small part of this really large, highly detailed build. There is a lot to explore.

Peacock Hotel 2016

Peacock Hotel 2016

This hotel features live actors, I think. They might be AI’s, bots.

Be sure to see this build. Use their free flashlight.

Lost Cove At Playa Perdida (SLURL) has a sign posted stating swimsuit or nude only. That suggests something. While there are places to talk your lover out of her swimsuit, there are just as many places to just sit and sun (PG stuff).

Lost Cove 2016

Lost Cove 2016

It is a pretty white sand beach. It takes some exploring to find the love nooks. In some of the difficult to get to ones, trying to TP into them rather than find the way sends you back to the main landing point. So, you have to find your way into the nooks. Inner tubes are often the answer. Or a swim HUD.

So, there is actually just one place in the group where people could get their loven on, Playa Perdida.


I don’t find it surprising or out of line the Lab would mellow out the reporting in their Highlights. As far as I can see while the forum/blog can rate articles G, M, and A the images and sections inside an article all have the same rating. So, the article has to target the common acceptable denominator. They can’t count on our settings to filter out content users want to avoid. Leaving out the horny adults not filtering.

There is the Destination Guide. It has a section titled: Adults Only. Within that category they have subcategories;

The list includes a 120+ places. I know of a number of places not in this list. Nor is RLV listed anywhere. So, the list helps, but it isn’t all that helpful.

Then there is SL SEARCH, in the viewer and on the web. But, figuring out what to search on and how to avoid the search spam is complicated. For instance, searching on RLV using the PLACES filter gives you a mixture of role playing places, shops, and clubs with no way to know how many people are there. I haven’t figured out how to filter out shops and clubs. Plus, making it even a more complicated task is some shops and clubs are more a ‘place’ than a shop or club.

The Destination Guide in the viewer lists about 10 adult locations. This viewer version of the guide gives us the current count of avatars in a region. But, I’m not sure how the regions are selected. Regions range from 56 to 4 avatars (when I looked at it just now. But, regions I know are popular with about 30 avatars weren’t listed).

✽・Natural Freedom ・✽

✽・Natural Freedom ・✽

So, there is no comprehensive list or directory. How do we figure out where the interesting adult regions are? After all, according to Tyche Shepherd’s grid survey 21.7% of the AGNI grid is adult regions. September saw 57 new adult regions added.

We can get the names of newly added regions from Tyche Shepherd’s posting on SLUniverse. The only way I see to know which are adult regions is to look at the most recent Grid Survey.  Tyche includes a column that shows whether regions are General, Moderate/Mature, Adult, or Down. The page displays 50 regions at a time. With 81,418 regions in the list. Only 24,189 are currently live, online regions. The others are closed/disconnected regions listed for historic purposes. So, that is 1,600+ pages to scrape the data from. Way too tedious to use for a list.

Metaverse Business provides information on the busiest regions to paying customers. I don’t know if they’ll separate out data based on region maturity rating. But, that site has been pretty much ignored by its owner(s) since 2012.

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13 thoughts on “Second Life: Finding Virtual Sex

  1. Something tells me when it come to finding something that doesn’t really come up on search result are often found through words-of-the-mouth or friends.

  2. hii about the hotel.. the actors arent bots.. i’m one of them.. no avi bots but the npcs are obvious.

  3. Well, we at Slut Magazine don’t list destinations for sex because I haven’t been to one in over 8 years. My houses are loaded with sex crap (as we call the furniture and stuff). Sex isn’t hard to find for people in the “industry”, it generally finds you.

    As, for photographers, we approached Strawberry Singh to shoot some pornstars for us nude; but, she respectfully declined. Crista Wellens (chillicalifornia), a noted fashionista is one of our contributing editors. Few, if anyone is shooting better stuff in Second Life than her.

    Second Life is more of a world than a game. So, one needs to get out, explore and socialize if you want to find anything, including sex, in it. I’d say. Good luck.

    [Link by Nal:]

    • Thanks for saying.

      I see Crista Wellens’ work on FLickr. Nice. She has sharing on. So, you’ll probably see some of her art appear here from time to time.

      Many of the porn pictures I see look like the old paper comics or something from 2008. With the graphics we have in SL now I expect something more like the art in graphics novels. What’s going on there?

  4. Well for once I wish my site were more navigable hehehehehehe. We’ve got great stuff there.

    However, on the whole I agree with you. I think the best photogs in SL are shooting high fashion. At, least their aesthetic is different and their artistry a bit higher than the average pornographic photographer. I also think the most beautiful women are pornstars. I’ve made it a bit of a mini crusade to get high fashion photogs to shoot pornstars and porn photogs to shoot fashion models. A wedding of these two worlds will elevate the level of nudie pix in Second Life 🙂

    • Yeah, I have trouble navigating your site… Web designers like to do new things. Think about designing the same site… over and over and over… But, site users hate figuring out new user interfaces. Many sites went with a standard magazine or blog format because people knew how to use those. Creating something new and USABLE… challenging.

      I think you have a good idea for improving the quality of porn photography. I think a significant challenge is often the photographers are the ones having sex and the photo is secondary… a trophy. Perhaps furniture people would be more interested in quality images. May be porn with a banner running at the bottom telling who’s animation, furniture, genitals, etc.

      I know that I have to do a lot of work to find good female sex animations. I make some animations. Planting your feet and bouncing your hips takes a knowledgeable animator. May be I should start reviewing animations…

      With Bento coming, probably in November, hands and facial expressions will get a major upgrade. Even feet may get an upgrade. Bento doesn’t do much for feet. But, the ‘hind’ legs for quadrupeds can be used for feet and toes in bipeds. So, hands griping penis, sheets, toes curling… and facial expressions that look like ecstasy rather than an elephant standing on your foot.

      Careful animation and good avatar proportions will make it possible to kiss it and move into a deep throat with lips sliding around things as they should… and make it look realistic. I doubt such animations will be for generic shapes and genitals. But, animations made for say Xcite! vaginas and penises… peni? … could figure out how to position the avatars in an Xcite! compatible bed. Losing all the manual avatar positioning would be great for spontaneous hookups.

  5. Well we wrote a FAQ for our site. Hehehehehehe. In it we , explain exactly why we chose that format as opposed to an in world book or a online flash book. Generally so pictures can be displayed better. I don’t think the average reader would need a style card on sex furniture, genitals etc… because they’ve seen it all and know it by sight.

    There are some very good sex anims out there and sex furniture and the best peni are adjustable on the fly via HUD. lol Many quality porn photogs shoot others having sex.

    You might need somebody to give you a tour of the sex industry in SL. (I’m not voluteering heheheheeheh; but I could introudce you to the right folks).

    Incidentally, Jennnnna Jameson (Emma) founded the Pornstars to help new pornstars find actual porn producers, directors, photogs, JOBS. You know. No one has ever thought to list sex places though. Ive always thought that noobs werent interested i n finding such places. I tried to pry a nooby friendly spot from Blondin Linden’s paws once years ago but Torley was still smarting from our lil tiff and put the kibosh on it lol

    • I read your FAQ. A couple of times. Nice reasons. But, does the site work for your readers? I find it awkward. But, I use Feedly and it gets me where I want to go in your site.

      I agree. There are good sex animations out there. I find them now and then. I look to see who’s animations are in the furniture I with animations I like. I expect Bento to start a new wave of animations. I think it will take time for those new ones to make it into furniture and spread through SL.

      I agree, there are good photographers concentrating on the photo and not involved in the sex act. I’m saying most of the porn I see is not that.

      I doubt a tour is going to show me anything I haven’t found… well, I’m sure some new places and things… but, still the stuff I’ve seen. From what I write, do you think I’ve missed something? That’s not a trick question.

      Blondin, Torley… Lindens… In 2011 and 2012 I was participating in the Adult Content User Group (ACUG) meetings. They were run by Viale Linden, who IMO pretty much killed off the user group. It has never recovered.

      Later in 2012 griefing problems in the Adult sandbox became a problem. Voodoo Redek was trying to get the Lab to appoint some ‘users’ as managers so griefers could be kicked faster. But, such causes seem doomed. The Lindens don’t want to deal with Adult sex stuff.

  6. Hello Natales

    Thanks for reviewing my blog, very nice.
    However, you have got the links wrong. The link to the comparison goes to the guide and the link to the guide goes to an old URL which redirects to the correct one.


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