The Odd AFK Sex Thing…

Le Parc Free sex AFK – (LM) This is sort of a half-region AFK sex park. Looks to be a rented collection of parcels. Whatever, about half the region seems to be part of The Park.

Le Parc – OCt 2017

There were about 20+ women and furries working the beds. So, busy place. About 40 people in the region. I suppose the Cum Slut Sorority across the street is attracting people. Also, Sleeping Dolls is in the region. So, if one cannot get laid in this region…

My Take…

I think these places are a bit odd. It is Second Life, so not that odd. And there is no end to the number of places. The list seems to go on without end.

Reading profiles, I found some of the people working the beds were sex worker escorts that can be found in Skype and other voice-chat sex places, plus, the other types of escorts. So, they have their avatar working 24-7?

I like roleplay. But, it is hard finding good role players. So, maybe AFK sex is not that strange.

The present system uses a tip-jar and something with the animations two or more can sit on. Most places seem to be using Low’s ‘The Excellent’ tip-jars. These are L$650 a piece at Low’s place. These have some features made for venue owners and are easy for users to log in and out of. They are popular.

It is the beds and things that I’m not sure about. Since AFK users won’t be there, what if the bed has a STOP option that bumps them off? That would ruin their night.

Curiosity…  I tried it and found the animations were controlled by AV Sitter 2.1 and there were no STOP or Done buttons. So, AFK worker avatars are left in their last pose/animation when their John leaves. They are not bounced out of bed. Seems reasonable that obvious griefing would be blocked.

I think we will start to see sex beds made just for AFK sex. When a customer leaves a girl’s company, the system should move into an ‘attract’ CFM mode. As it is now, they never seem to move out of the last set animation.

Also, I think we will see the free part decrease considerably too. Either the beds or tip-jar machines will start requiring a minimum tip up front, more like baksheesh – tips paid up front to assure good service. In the west, we think of it more like a bribe. Part of the difference between Western and Middle Eastern – Asian thinking. Many places are pay first, to play.

There are currently 1,229 items in the MP under ‘AFK’. Most are silly ways to say, I’m AFK. I don’t see HUD’s for AFK workers. Is this a new niche that could be filled by an enterprising person? Probably.

Whatever this evolves into… devolves?… this is the place I think I’ll send noobs to learn how to make their ‘parts’ work.

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