The Odd AFK Sex Thing…

Private Moments – (LM) This place is more of a BDSM place in a single building. It’s on the dark side. There are Skybox rentals, L$50/hr, for working girls. Only a couple of women were working and not in the skyboxes.

Private Moments – Oct 2017

AFK Sex Cumpany Freelancers – (LM) A single room with room for a couple of dozen women. No one was around when I was there.

AFK Sex Cumpany Freelancers – Oct 2017

Dead Man’s Island – (LM) This is more than just an AFK sex place. It is better built than AFK places and is quite photogenic. Plus, it is big, a full region. However, it has an AFK sex area. They pay 95% of tips to the workers. No one was around when I was there one evening but the next morning there were 6+ women working the place.

It is advertised as,

DEAD MAN’S ISLAND is an island in the middle of the Caribbean. We’ve got tropical beaches here, a small colonial-style village, a harbor, a steamy sex-club and … by far the nicest people in SL! 😉

Some of them are glad to help you:

Owner:   Camila (Camila Runo), Logan (ambiguousintent)
Admins:  Zaman (zamitio resident), Navarro Seau (draghanmar resident)

There are lots of places on the island where you can get your kink on; Nawty School, Town Center, Balloon Ride, Nawty Church, Sex Club, Voodoo Shack, Nawty Pool, AFK Brothel, Rape Shack, and a Shibari table. Find a ships-wheel-teleporter to visit them. Or explore, you’ll come across them. You might even find the underground dungeon.

So… this is more of the typical cross between a role play area, a ‘location’ for lovers, and a pick-up place. But, it is a little weak on the pick-up possibilities, from what I’ve seen in my few visits.

Away From Keyboards AFK – (LM) An Asian AFK location. 12 women were working. A nice place. Lots of room. Not many beds.

Away from Keyboard – Oct 2017

Bella’s AFK Fuck House – (LM) This is a medium sized skybox house. 15 women were working the place. Upstairs is some BDSM equipment.

Bella’s AFK – Oct 2017

More pages and pictures… link below.

5 thoughts on “The Odd AFK Sex Thing…

  1. Fantastic blog Nalates. I am very interested in the Smart bot phenomena, being both an Eros Island Owner in Sl and a pretty decent animator and story board developer with over 20 years experience in Poser, Vue, solid Works, DAZ etc. recently getting into design ends with Blender. AFK is a poor person’s version I guess of auto sexy time. but none the less still interesting
    I will drop you a line in SL so you know I am not spamming your web page. I do try to be a classy little Red Headed Vamp. There is some contact info below less my adult web links … again not to piss you off with spam. I am looking for a legit review in the future not a sneaky sneak peak 🙂
    Jane LegLock xoxo

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  3. Hello Natales

    I opened a place which also features a few rooms for afk sex. Maybe you want to add that to the list?

  4. I was largely away from SL for a couple years & was surprised to see this AFK phenomenon when I got back. I’m glad to see such a good review of it. SL is weird, but we residents love it. <3 Thanks.

    • Yeah… It is odd. But, with the guys I am meeting lately I beginning to think it may be a good thing…

      Thanks for the kind words.

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