Second Life: Halloween 2016

October is almost here. Halloween is near. The Highlight’s page in Featured News is listing lots of Halloween oriented places. Soon there will be rotting virtual pumpkins all over Second Life™. Oh… wait… even more scary, those evil pumpkins never die.

Botanica’s Halloween Haunted Cornfield Maze

Botanica’s Halloween Haunted Cornfield Maze

Check the Featured News and the Destination Guide often as new places will be appearing almost daily. Those listed Friday are:

  1. Angel’s Haunted House – fun, actually scared me a couple of times
  2. Dark Sewers
  3. Slaughter Creek
  4. Medieval Fantasy Manor
  5. Deadman’s Island Haunted Sim
  6. Haunted Home of Frankenstein
  7. All Hallows at Moochie – pretty place
  8. Shenanigan’s Spooky Halloween Cemetery
  9. Screaming Woods
  10. Oh the Horror Cart Sale & Hunt
  11. Skeleton House – Halloween Store

Halloween is becoming a huge economic thing in developed countries. Almost as big as Christmas. I dress nicely for Christmas parties but, I DRESS UP for Halloween.

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