Second Life – Are there Aliens Abducting Residents? – Adult

Don’t believe in UFO’s? This Second Life™ experience may change your mind. You most certainly will be abducted. To just jump into the experience, follow this link: Alien Abduction. If you search for it in SL Search look for Abducted by Aliens.


I’m not sure what it is about Earth women, but aliens are obsessed with us. That makes Abducted by Aliens a very adult sexual experience. So, while I have made this page SFW, if you jump to any images, they are probably NSFW.

The owner is a long time SL resident named Patrick Playfair.  He tells me, “My 13th SL birthday is July 19th, I started in 2004…” He is the current owner of Starbase Magellan, The Abducted by Aliens Experience, The Tunnels of Zandor and the Playfair Ranch (Patrick tells me the Ranch has been replaced but didn’t mention by what ).

Experience Tips

Alien Abduction is a mix of a Linden Experience and an RLV experience. It uses both technologies. So… you will need an RLV capable viewer and have RLV enabled. You won’t need a collar or relay. But, if you have one it will use it. You just need to wear it and set it to auto-OK. Be brave…. Muuhahahaaaa!

Everything you need is provided and well explained, making this one of the better experiences in Second Life™ for those with no clue about RLV. Patrick’s intention for his regions was to make them easy to use for RLV noobies. I think he has done that. So, if you are new to TLV, this is a good starting place.

What you’ll learn in the main landing zone is you need an RLV viewer with RLV enabled. So, a third-party viewer.

Just so you are sure who is who…

I don’t mean to slight other viewers when I promote Firestorm. But, for someone’s first experience with third-party viewers the Firestorm Viewer’s Support Group is indispensable. A lot of volunteers make getting answers, good ones, pretty much a 24×7 snap.

Using RLV for the first time you most likely will run into new issues. The viewer will misbehave from time to time. RLV is no more problematic than the rest of Second Life. But, when something hangs or gets stuck, the usual fixes aren’t likely to work. So, having help close by is… comforting?

There is an information display at the landing point explaining the place. You’ll learn about the space station, tunnels, and hints of other places. Depending on how you are abducted you end up in one or the other, AFAIK. There is more to Abducted then just the two. But, you’ll see.

Simple RLV HUD

Patrick says you can end up in any of the 6 levels of Abduction. The Aliens (staff) will pick people to abduct and take them wherever they want. So…

You first action is to accept the Experience. Next… walk out the hanger door toward the fence. Walk slowly. Once outside it takes a few seconds for the Experience HUD to attach. When it does you will see a little green alien head in the lower left of your screen. Once attached, walk to the fence and open the gate. As you explore the area you will be abducted.

You can try to elude the spaceships. But, Patrick has laid traps. You are going to get abducted. However, he tells me it is possible to make it to the beach. Where he says there are lounge chairs, a campfire, and a fireworks display that visitors may enjoy.

Whether you end up in the space station or The Tunnels of Zardon, you will be in a trap rich environment. I doubt anyone can avoid the traps. Also, once released, you have very little time to get away. But, you also have to make sure your HUD has reset and turned green before you leave a trap. If not, the HUD can stop working. Then you won’t be able to teleport or use the elevator. That happened to me.

If that happens go back to whatever trap you were in and let it do its thing… again. I won’t hurt…. Wait longer before walking away. Otherwise, you have to relog to clear the HUD, return to the main landing point, and walk through the hanger door and get a new game HUD.

You can ONLY teleport to the main landing point. So, there is no way to teleport to your last location. If you know where you were, I often didn’t, you can teleport to the same area using the teleport pads.

It can be annoying to deal with the HUD while it is red. If you play as intended, it does work right. For instance. If you land in the prison, you have to talk staff into letting you out. They may want a favor from you… or in some places you can pay the gate/door L$20 to open so you can escape.

There is a teleport button around the corner from the gate. You can reach it an TP out. That, however, does not reset the HUD which stays red and thinks you are still in prison. So, it is beg your way out, pay a L$20 bribe, or a relog and return to starting point.

Patrick tells me there is a special ‘prison’ RLV collar there that gives staff complete control. Once on the collar can only be removed by staff. Obviously for the hardcore RLV player. So, the range of RLV is not just noobie…

Some places are way too dark (no light) or maybe it is the way I have my screen set. Whatever, I set the environment to (SS) Atmospheric 06:00 6b. It’s dark but not too dark.

Second Page… link below.

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