Second Life Places: Virtual Decay

I’m not  into being a tour guide. Other blogs do it better. But, I saw Hamlet’s post pointing us to some of Loverdag’s interesting photography on Flickr. Hamlet included this image in his post. I’m impressed enough to also  include the image in mine and went looking for more information.

Virtual Decay

Virtual Decay

I see images on Flickr that are associated with Second Life avatars. But, I can’t always tell if all their images are from SL. Some SL peeps play in other worlds too. This set of images falls into that ‘unsure’ category. But, these are images from a place in Second Life™.  Continue reading

Zindra Art Maze

If you don’t already know, Zindra is the adult region of Second Life, the red light district. The Art Maze is a novel idea of displaying art in Second Life. The exhibit ends January 31. So, if you are going to see it, see it soon. Be warned, some of the art is XXX.

How Adult is the Art Maze?

The art pieces are displayed in a maze. Part of the fun is finding your way from exhibit to exhibit. You never know what you will find next. I was surprised there was so little explicit adult art. May be 10% to 15% of the exhibits are hard core XXX. The majority are not sexually oriented or I’m missing something.

Shjak Monde Art

Some of the exhibits are abstract art, others are about mental illness, and some are about alternate life styles. There is no rhyme or reason to the arrangement that I can see. But, I was pretty much lost after I started. I wondered through the place curious to find what was next.

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Devokan Hot Spot Myst-Uru Style

Devokan Hot Spot

I’ve been busy with RL, moving, unpacking, getting what little work there is done, getting cable to my new home for a good Internet connection, writing proposals for the company I freelance for…

I have new articles planned for here. One that is most in my mind is about Devokan (SL Map). It recently made the SL Hot Spots (these scroll off so I can’t link). Fans from Myst Online, a closed MMO, are building and playing in Devokan (link requires SL account). There is a story to Devokan. One can read the story on the Guild of Maintainers site in Developments in Devokan (the guild is a fan group from Myst Online).

I have a story about the SL RPG Land of NoR and the RPG’s spinning off from it. I just have to figure out how write about the drama if that saga without it being boring.

I also have a review of Babylon 5 RPG in SL. I need to up date it and get it posted.

I just need more hours in the day… 🙂

Riven Myst-Uru-SL


Riven Pods

Most of the Myst related builds in Second Life are related to Uru Live. A new exception is Varda Darkwatch’s new build dedicated to
Myst’s Riven in Lasting Love. While debatable whether Riven is the best game in the series many think it is.

Varda has imitated parts of Riven in his quarter of the sim. When visiting try not to disturb the other residents. This Riven is a unique SL build with only similarities to the real games. As Varda says, ‘…a place inspired by the Myst PC games.’ Still any Myst series player will recognize the places on this island. The thing swimming in the lake under the pods is a Wahrk. They are said to be mam-eaters… So, swimming is NOT advised.


Sunset in Riven

Take a walk through the area. There is a path of sorts and it is more interesting to walk it than fly over. This build is new, just recently transferred here from a smaller parcel. This is still a work in progress. Several items in the previous build have not been added. I suspect they will be placed as time permits.

Varda was talking about making the pods living spaces, in which case he might rent or lease them to Myst fans.

More images of Riven: Nalates Myst Riven Flickr

Uru-ite Creates Internet Music Site and Radio Station

New Internet Radio Station

Uru-ite Creates Internet Music Site and Radio Station

Reported as a “New Fun Website to See!” in the Uru community D’ni Refugees Group Notices, Sun Apr 26, 2009. Music Melee Online is now up and running. It is the newest place for musicians, people who like to blog about music, and people who love to hear great new music!

Quoting Thorson Hammerer, “We currently have our internet radio station up and running, playing some great music of all types, but we need more! If you are an artist, we need YOUR music! Sign up and submit your stuff, and possibly make some money in the process! We are also looking for feature music bloggers! We’re looking for you! Come and join us!”


Hunters Club in Mayan Myst

Thorson is a DJ, as well as others, at Hunters Club (Club Siren Group) in Mayan Myst that rocks Monday through Friday with Happy Hour from 5-7pm SL and 7-9pm SL. Prizes (L$ Contests) and surprises galore. Continue reading


OMG! This is so great! I just stumbled across it. Someone was using it in the IBM Sandbox. This organizer was made by Liandra Ceawlin. It is free and you can get it at her place. She has a few scripts she is giving away for free. They are worth having.

Liandra Ceawlins Chessboard

Liandra Ceawlin's Chessboard

She also made a huge chessboard/game. You can play chess.

She offers custom programming for SL.

The ECR&D (Explorer’s Community Research & Development – a Myst-Uru fan thing). Is studying textures in SL. They have Monday meetings. Contact me for more information.

The Guilds of Myst-Uru Part III

Seems like there is always someone talking/writing about the guilds controlling the game and fans. Whether or not one believes game fans and Myst Uru fans in particular can be controlled there comes the question of how might they be controlled and who would do the controlling?

Concert Hall in Aegura - Eder Gira Build SL

Concert Hall in Ae'gura - Eder Gira Build SL

The ‘who’ seems pretty simple and obvious to many Myst fans, the guilds. Normally it would be Cyan worlds, Inc. the game owner, but they are giving the game to fans and stepping back. Part I and II of this series list the different groups of guilds. So which one will rule them all? Oh, and who runs the guilds?

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The Guilds of Myst-Uru Part II

The Myst Uru MMO world is one of a small group of games that have been taken over and run by the fans. Most MMO’s have the games creator in control of the game. Fans often unite again the management. But what happens when the management is the fans? Who then really controls the game? Which fan is it?

Eder Gira - Myst Uru Replication

Eder Gira - Myst Uru Replication

Many in the Myst Uru world think the guilds are about controlling the fan community. I have never believed that. I’ve never thought it was possible. But, many do. I think the fans are more in control and vote with their participation. Whatever they support and participate in is what appears to be running the show, keyword being appears.

So, where are the fans? What are they doing and who is in charge? A comment was made to me the other day, “I hear you are in charge of the ECR&D* now?” My answer was, about as in charge as anyone can be of anything Uru related. I know the participants of ECR&D can move on at any time. There is no real control.

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