The Odd AFK Sex Thing…

Sex in Second Life is strange, to begin with. But, the big thing right now seems to be AFK sex. There is a growing number of AFK sex places. As you probably expect, they range from sleazy to high end classy and all in between.

The basic idea is one strips their avatar, adds the genitals, and plops her/him on a sex pose-ball… or whatever we call the no pose-ball things, in a sex bed. Then we go do whatever… away from the keyboard – AFK. So, overnight while sleeping, you can have your avatar working servicing horny avatars.

AFK Sex Base Island – OCt 2017

Those that want visual sex without the role play can jump on the bed and have sex with the AFK avatar. The idea is they will tip for the favor. The house takes 0 to 20% and the avatar keeps 100 to 80%. Some see this as a great way to earn Lindens. I’m not so sure. I see a lot of avatars getting banged and a zero-sum in their tip jars. So, they are really getting screwed.

And as you might imagine there are sexbots… entire empires of bots working the AFK sex shops. So, there is a battle between the shop owners, wanting to make their shops open to ‘real’ avatars rather than enriching a bot mogul, and the moguls. I’m not sure it makes any difference to the people wanting sex.

WARNING! R rated pictures ahead.

The avatars are a mix of gorgeous and classic noob avatars. So far, furries are a minority, but I’ve just started looking at these places. A few places have male models working the AFK beds. Oh, women… there are some hunk cuties, not just the over-muscled gorillas with elephant trunks. And there is the odd demon or werewolf to be found. All kinky…

I’ve listed some of the more … prominent… places. But, this is a rapidly changing field. So, new places are popping up and others close after one or two months. Consider a US$300/mo region collecting 15% of tips. It has to see gross tips at L$520,000 per month to pay tier. I suspect that isn’t easy to do.

So, there are some small places that are using a parcel to hold costs down. Some places are sleazy and some are classy. None of the pure AFK places are going to win a scenic picture contest. But, some of the avatars are AWESOME gorgeous. People are putting some money and talent into these avatars.

The Places

Not big on blogs that turn into travel brochures or agencies. But, few write much on the adult scene in SL. So, I’ll pretend this isn’t too copycat-ish.

I’ve tried to provide a range of these places, from nice, interesting, to abandoned and boring. I rate them for myself. But, my ratings are totally subjective and not in the least fair or balanced. So, no ratings for you.

Silence AFK Sex Club – (LM)  This is a large skybox place that is pretty classy… for AFK sex. It is one of the few places that has a mix of men and women working… and a few shemales.  About a dozen people were working. I have seen the place full.

Silence AFK – Oct 2017

It is basically four rooms on two levels with beds, chairs, and couches around the outer edge of the rooms. There is a tip-jar in the form of a picture on the wall.

The time limit for working girls is 11-12 hours. The management is trying to keep the sexbots out.

AFK Sex Base Island – (LM) This is a small parcel (12% of the region) that has a couple of houses. So, it is somewhat private. There is room for 3 or so working girls… avatars. I suppose more could squeeze in. It may be the most picturesque place in the AFK group.

It is well made. Pretty. Kind of classy…

AFK Sex Base Island – OCt 2017

Sleeping Doll – (LM) This too is a small place. Bigger than Sex Base. About a half region. Not so private. More pretty girls. There is room for dozens of girls. There were 21 working when I checked the place out.

This too is a pretty place. It has a hotel. There are Zen Creations, Kalopsia, Nerenzo, and various other brands of beds.

You can double-click-teleport inside the region. Which is handy as some mesh buildings are hard to get around in.

Sleeping Dolls – Oct 2017

We’re Always AFK! – (LM) (Sorinsen) [I’m not sure why, but the World Map does not give a correct SLURL/URL for this location.] This is a little skybox place with room for a few more than a dozen girls. When I came through there were 11 girls working. It is an OK place but built obviously for a single purpose.

We’re Always AFK! – Oct 2017

AFK Motel – (LM)  This a prim build kind of place. Not much to look at, but 22 girls working when I was there.

There are girls working from cars (by Abandoned Freight) and in motel rooms. I saw some ::R:a:W:A:g:e:: brand beds. There are bathroom and shower sex. Red Light Rooms remind one of Amsterdam. There is an adult dating service in the region… hmmmm. Elva’s Topless Lounge is next door… with a fun Halloween décor.

This is a parcel in a region and there is some other stuff in the region.

AFK Motel – Oct 2017

More pages and pictures… link below.

5 thoughts on “The Odd AFK Sex Thing…

  1. Fantastic blog Nalates. I am very interested in the Smart bot phenomena, being both an Eros Island Owner in Sl and a pretty decent animator and story board developer with over 20 years experience in Poser, Vue, solid Works, DAZ etc. recently getting into design ends with Blender. AFK is a poor person’s version I guess of auto sexy time. but none the less still interesting
    I will drop you a line in SL so you know I am not spamming your web page. I do try to be a classy little Red Headed Vamp. There is some contact info below less my adult web links … again not to piss you off with spam. I am looking for a legit review in the future not a sneaky sneak peak 🙂
    Jane LegLock xoxo

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  3. Hello Natales

    I opened a place which also features a few rooms for afk sex. Maybe you want to add that to the list?

  4. I was largely away from SL for a couple years & was surprised to see this AFK phenomenon when I got back. I’m glad to see such a good review of it. SL is weird, but we residents love it. <3 Thanks.

    • Yeah… It is odd. But, with the guys I am meeting lately I beginning to think it may be a good thing…

      Thanks for the kind words.

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