Second Life: Finding Virtual Sex

How does one find adult places in Second Life™? There are several blogs that write about places in Second Life. But, the places covered on the blogs are mostly found in the Second Life™ blog articles published by the Lindens titled: Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide. They are interesting places. But, for those looking for something of a more adult flavor, none are likely to meet their desire.

[Hot List]

Hot List

The regions covered Linden Lab® are mostly PG rated regions. In the last article of September, the regions highlighted were rated; 3 General 17.5% (PG), 11 Mature 65% (R), and 3 Adult 17.5% (X?). Remember. Adult is not always a sex thing. Violence can push a region into an Adult rating. Since it is October and Halloween… 2 of the 3 Adult rated regions appear to have gotten their rating from violence, gore, or may be just being built on Adult rated land. The three regions are:  Continue reading

Second Life’s Necronom VI in Video

I tried taking pictures of Necronom VI (NVI). But, the lighting is often animated, which doesn’t show up in the still images. So, Saturday I took some time to make what I think was a last visit to NVI and take some video. I’m not a machinamist… or even that experienced with FRAPS. So, I forgot to turn off the cursor for most of the video. But, I think I caught enough to show what NVI was/is like.

This video is uploaded in 720p format. That means it looks best in the default YouTube viewer or smaller, not full screen… over 1024.  Continue reading