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Dee Dee Deepdene

Dee Dee Deepdene – Owner Deeposed – Nov 2017

I haven’t researched Dee… well, a little. I saw her art first and then it took me a bit to realize she has a shop in world and sells poses. The art is for her promotion of the poses… or… she does the poses to get the images she wants and sells them as an afterthought. Whatever both are interesting.

Dee Dee Deepdene – April 2017

If you like color and lean toward the abstract, you’ll probably love Dee’s art… and if you take pictures of avatars, you’ll likely want some of her poses. I love Dee’s use of color.

Dee had been around since 2007 and posting on Flickr. So, a bit longer than me. Ten years is a long time to be snapping photos in SL. I believe the change in Dee’s the imagery is a combination of SL progressing, computers evolving, and her learning from experience. Across all that time is what appears to be an interest in color, lots of it and bright to subtle.

Early work seems, to me, bit more erotic. But, all her work is sexy. In 2017 the first splashy color abstract image start. It is interesting looking for the progression through 23 pages of images. Is it her skill growing? Her taste changing? The result is NICE!


There are more artists, of course. Some better, lots way worse, than the three I’ve shown you. I may get to more of them. Just depends on my mood and how much news there is or isn’t when I’m writing.

Let me know the artists you like in comments. I’ll check them out. Thanks.


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