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Dance – Crap Mariner has an article about dance in the One Billion Rising event. You’ll find it on Inara’s blog: Who Puts the Dance into One Billion Rising? Long, interesting.

Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine

Restarts – When the simulators are restarted it usually takes just a few hours. Some are experiencing way long times for restarts. Caleb Linden is looking into it. If you have specific information on a long restart, email it to Caleb or file a JIRA Bug Report and mention Caleb’s name.

Interesting – There is a huge 220 page, and growing, thread in the SL Forum, How does your avatar look today? A resident by the name of Nostoll started the thread in May 2017. With about 26 posts per page that is almost 6,000 posts residents have made.

A variety of avatars are portrayed with varying quality. I suppose we could consider the images a representation of a cross-section of SL users. If that were accurate then we could draw conclusions from what see, like hardware in use and graphics settings, whether or not ALM is in use…

But, so few people use the forum… I doubt it is an accurate representation. I base that on questions I see asked in the forum and in in-world groups. I see forum people referring some questions to in-world groups or explaining how to contact designers in SL. And in various groups, we refer people to the forum for their answers. Also, in the number of responses/reaction to posts in the forum.

So, other than satisfying a curious interest in who is in SL, there is little to take-away from the thread. There are cute avatars. And there are those that leave me wondering, what were they thinking?

Explaining Mesh Bodies – This is something I often have to do in both the forum and in-world. So, in early 2017 I wrote Second Life: Mesh vs Classic Bodies. I suggest you bookmark the post and refer people to the article. Save yourself having to make a long explanation.

Popular Photo Sites – As of September 2017 (scroll down) has listed photo sites in order of popularity.

1) Instagram

2) Facebook




6) Picasa

7) Twitpic




11) Onedrive



14) Shutterfly


It seems Flickr is very popular with Second Life™ users. I have mostly given up on Photobucket. KoinUp was another popular photo site with SL residents. I’ve given up on it too.

I am surprised Facebook is in second place. But, I suppose there is a lot of image sharing going on there. My RL-self does holiday pictures of family and friends there.

Flickr offers so much information and several easy ways to find people making images one likes, all the other sites seem clumsy and awkward to use. If one can even find ways to accomplish the same tasks.

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