Flickr Migration?

I think all the SL peeps using Flickr know it has major policy changes coming in January. A good summary of the problem is Ciaran Laval’s article, Flickr Flounders.

Follow me on Instagram, I'm following back

Follow me on Instagram, I’m following back

Others are writing about the coming changes. Strawberry Singh has an article on alternative sharing sites, Flickr Updates & Alternatives November 2018. She is polling readers to see which alternatives we plan to use. The article has an update, scroll down to see it. In it she points out that she added Ello and Imgur at reader request. They were originally omitted because Strawberry doubts a community could be built using either.

I am finding Flickr is a way-easy way to build a community. Nothing else seems to come close or maybe I just haven’t figure out how to work the other sites. Also, I find Flickr gives me more control over what I see and present to others.

From Singh’s poll it looks as if about 50% of the 868-voting plan to stay on Flickr. About 27% plan to switch or also use Instagram. Deviant Art and Koinup both came out mostly ignored, which I find a bit odd. But, for me, there is a lot of that going around post-election.

We were seeing a lot of the I’m on Instagram posts at Flickr. See the image above. That seems to have trailed off… or Flickr started blocking it. But, I have no evidence of that.

While there is obvious concern there isn’t an ‘impending doom’ migration out of Flickr. It is more like disaster prep. Like California quakes. The big one is coming. People stock food, water, and batteries but they aren’t standing outside.

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