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You may have heard Yahoo is failing. You may or may not know Flickr is owned by Yahoo. So… the sale will impact the large number of Second Life™ users you can find on Flickr. (Like me.)

The Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, that has lead Yahoo into a desperate sale in an attempt to survive and will likely walk away with US$137 million separation bonus for her failure to turn the company around.



It is only speculation to say what may have happened if someone else had been CEO. Nor is it possible to know what political in-fighting went on within the company and whether Marissa managed to fail on her own or was the sacrificial goat. What we know for certain is a lot of people do NOT like her.

Still, on June 14, the deal closed and Yahoo sold for US$4.48 billion.

I just noticed I have had a Flickr-mail sitting in my Flickr-mailbox for some time. Today I read it.

In the email from Flickr:

From: Flickr HQ

Subject: Terms of Service Update

If you haven’t heard, Yahoo plans to sell its operating business, including Flickr, to Verizon Communications Inc. We anticipate the completion of the transaction to occur in June 2017. Upon the completion of this proposed transaction, Yahoo products and services, including Flickr, will be provided by a new Verizon-owned company called Yahoo Holdings, Inc.

In connection with this proposed transaction, Yahoo is updating its Terms of Service. You can review the changes by visiting our Terms of Service.

These updated terms will automatically be effective on June 8, 2017, unless you cancel your Yahoo account before then.

That’s it! We look forward to continuing to deliver your favorite products and services.

Otherwise, I haven’t seen a change. Since I didn’t take a copy of the ToS before the change, it is pretty hard to find any changes now.

Verizon says they will have Flickr shut down by 5 PM tonight… er… no… Actually, they say they have no immediate plans for Flickr. Except may be changing its name… zOMG! If changes, all the links to Flickr in my blog break. Then there are all the millions of users with a Yahoo email addresses…

Hopefully, they are smart enough to build on the brand name rather than change it. The morons that bought, a once famous search engine – Pre-Google, renamed it, which quickly died and was eaten by Yahoo.

The overall group name of the parent holding company is Oath. It combines Yahoo, AOL, and 30 or so other companies with a total client base of 1 billion ± users. So, for now, they are saying they will keep the names…


So, cross your fingers…

5 thoughts on “Flickr Sold

  1. Thank you for sharing. I knew Flickr/Yahoo had sold, but didn’t read much further. You provided info I was unaware of, so thanks again

  2. I’ve been doing restore tests on my backups of photos, just to be sure they can restore to other repositories, or if I want to host my own stuff.

    I’m sure if Flickr goes wonky or ends up Avatar-unfriendly, folks will migrate to somewhere else.

    I’m also sure that someone will go all Ello and hype up another platform that’s woefully inadequate.


  3. I didn’t get any Flickr-mail, maybe ’cause my Flickr account is related to a Yahoo email address…check this article ->

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