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Jr Feiri

Jr Feiri Channel – Nov 2017

Another artist capturing women. Jr is great at capturing emotion, facial expression. These are small images. So, it is hard to see the expressions. Click over and check them out. A couple that caught my attention are:

Jr Feiri – Jannah Kohnke Image

I am expecting Bento and the Bento heads to make it easier for us to place facial expressions on avatar faces. Jr doing this pre-Bento revolution is remarkable. I’m impressed.

When we see facial expressions in RL there are very subtle changes in the face we learn to recognize. Some branches of study focus on micro expressions to decide the veracity of people’s spoken words, lie detection. Making those subtle changes to an avatar is not something I’ve learned to do. Prior to Bento I’ve thought expressions were mostly those canned for mesh heads or modifications by talented Photoshoping. So, whichever, I’m impressed by Jr’s

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