Tumbler – Flickr – ATT/Yahoo Email Users in Trouble – Take Action

Urgent! – Urgent! – Urgent!

Take action to save your Flickr account.

Dennyc commented (thanks) on my Flickr Sold article and pointed me to Flickr and Tumblr Users With AT&T Emails Are About to Lose Access to Their Accounts.

You may not have realized Yahoo and AT&T had, past tense, a close relationship. Yahoo was the mail service for AT&T customers. Yahoo allowed the AT&T address to be used as an ID for Yahoo services. Tumbler has been and is a subsidiary of Verizon. Now Flickr is too. Apparently, the email relationship for ID purposes is going away June 30… within 2+ days.

Those having Tumbler and Flickr accounts tied to AT&T email addresses will apparently be losing access to those accounts. They will require a Yahoo ID and the previous AT&T email ID will NOT suffice.

The solutions are multiple. But, the primary one that matters is to go to Yahoo, now a Verizon company, and create a Yahoo ID. The Yahoo ID can then be tied to Flickr and Tumbler.

I suggest you also get the Yahoo ID and get a new non-AT&T email and tie your Tumbler and Flickr accounts to the new address. You can Google which is the best email service.

If you keep your contacts list in the AT&T/Yahoo mail system, export them. You’ll likely want them in your new email service. Google how to export contacts from AT&T email. Email service usually make it easy to import your contacts lists. But, Google will tell you the secrets.

My understanding is AT&T email isn’t going to stop working, just AT&T email user ID for Tumbler and Flickr or any Yahoo thing that requires a Yahoo ID. Prepare for the worst and hope they smooth out what may be a mess.

AT&T has posted more information on what is changing and how their customers may be affected. See Move your account data from Yahoo websites to a Yahoo ID. They sites affected are;

  • Flickr
  • Fantasy Baseball
  • Fantasy Basketball
  • Fantasy Football
  • Fantasy Hockey
  • Yahoo Groups
  • Tumblr

UNFORTUNATELY… you won’t be able to transfer your Tumbler account information. There is a list of other services/apps that will not allow transfer of content. See the link above and scroll down.

Transferring Flickr

Follow the steps below to transfer your Flickr account to a new or existing Yahoo ID:

  • Go to the Flickr transfer page.
  • Log in to your existing account with your AT&T credentials.
  • To connect your account to a Yahoo ID, select Use an existing Yahoo IDor Create a new one.
  • Once you’re finished, the Yahoo ID you’ve created or selected will be your new login credentials for Flickr.


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