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I like playing with photography in Second Life… second to dressing up and teasing others… well, maybe dressing up and shopping more than teasing. But, I’m often snapping pictures in SL, whatever I’m doing. Those pictures which I think are good enough, just fun, or show off a new thing I’ve learned, make to Flickr.

Dee Dee Deepdene – April 2017

On Flickr, I look around to see what others are doing. This is where the hot, amazing, and gorgeous comes in. Here I’ll show you some of the photographer-artists I’ve come across. Of course, these are ones I like. I use no objective standard. It’s just what touches, thrills, or wow’s me.

I do in a small measure consider the number of fav’s an image gets when deciding if it is great or I just my really liking it. But, I’ve seen some awesome images with almost no views or fav’s. So, the number of fav’s represents a mix of popularity and marketing. How many people see the image? Is the artist talented and understands social media well enough to promote an image?

The following images are not completely safe for work, no XXX, but some are definitely erotic

Charles Parker

Chareles Parker – Channel – Nov 2017

Charles has a section of black and white images I think are gorgeous. Capturing women is a talent. He does it well.

Charles Parker – Popular Images

I see an improvement in his images from 2014 to present. I find it hard to tell when talent has changed versus an improvement in equipment. In RL the change in basic equipment has a minor effect on the result. In RL I think it is talent and skill far more than equipment. But, in SL a better computer and graphics system can make a HUGE difference. A lousy computer and graphics system can severely handicap talent and skill.

I think talent is inherent. Talent guides skill and skill improves with practice. I am guessing from what I see Charles’ talent and skill were improving and the computer changed as the image quality suddenly stepped up while the esthetic quality continued its progression, IMO. But, I could be wrong. Maybe he sobered up or got drunk… Or… I suppose classes can help.

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