Second Life: Buy More Prims – Private Regions

Recently the Lab gave land owners more prims, well changed the prim limits on land. Today about 10 AM (12/7 – Pearl Harbor Day) the Lab announced Land owners can buy even more prims, push the limit from 20,000 to 30,000 prims… or more accurately change their Land Impact limit for some money.



See: Upgrade Your Full Private Region to 30,000 Land Impact Today!

For a one time US$30 fee private region owners can upgrade from 20k prims to 30k prims. This also adds a monthly cost of $30 USD per region. See the Knowledge Base, Managing Private Regions – Section 5.

You request the upgrade by submitting a Help Case.

Cheap Efficient Use of Second Life Land

Penny Patton is one of those people that think, which usually gets me in trouble. She has an article out titled Virtual Space/Infinite Space. Her paradigm for conceptualizing land in Second Life™ is different from how I suspect most people think of SL land.

Gift of a friend

Gift of a friend

If you are looking for land or feeling confined by borders or just looking to reduce the cost of tier then her article is something you will be happy to have found.

Virtually free land…

Penny Patton on Land Cost

I like to think I am well informed and think about issues related to the subjects that interest me, Second Life™ being one of them. However, Penny Patton often points out things I completely miss. She has a new article out on land cost and Land Impact costs on tier. It is well worth reading. See: The Cost of Second Life Land vs. The Perception of Value OR Land in SL is Cheap! I took a little liberty with the title.

Image by Penny Patton - Can you find her in both images - Click

Image by Penny Patton – Can you find her in both images – Click

Penny says her avatar is in both images. I found her in the top image. Click, it enlarges. But, have yet to find her in the bottom image.  Continue reading

#SL Land Impact Update Week 19

Since my last update on Land Impact Costs changing there has been a decision on how the Lindens will handle sculpties.  In the recent Pathfinding (PF) User Group (PFUG) meeting Falcon Linden reminded us of the new equation for figuring Land Impact Cost.

As Falcon put it, “…sculpts will be capped at 2.0 streaming cost, not 1.0. (Note, that’s a CAP, so if they were less than 2.0 in new accounting before, they’ll still be less than 2.0).”

Ardy Lay asked, “What was jacking up the streaming cost?”

Falcon’s response, “It wasn’t a bug, it was just a formula that, upon further consideration, we decided was not appropriate, i.e., when it was first implemented, it was actually calculating a triangle-based render weight, which for meshes is a good measure of streaming cost, but not for prims.

Yuzuru Jewell asked, “Is the new cost applied to all the objects?

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#SecondLife Land Impact Costs to Change

Friday Falcon Linden made a late appearance at the Sever/Scripting User Group meeting. He announced with the coming of Pathfinding we will see a change in the costs associated with Land Impact. In no small part the change is being influenced by PATHBUG-69.

The Brain behind Torley?

PATHBUG-69llVolumeDetect(TRUE) is broken. According to the wiki:

If detect is TRUE, VolumeDetect is enabled, physical object and avatars can pass through the object. This works much like Phantom, but unlike Phantom, VolumeDetect objects trigger collision_start and  collision_end events when interpenetrating. Collision events will trigger in any script in the object.

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