Proportional Shapes in Second Life

Recently there have been a number of articles about the shape and size of avatars and things related. Penny Patton has been on about how camera position affects our perception of size in SL for years. Now the Lab is preparing to support her altered camera position settings. Plus, she has written articles on avatar size and the effect it has on everything else in Second Life™.

This image is the work of Luc Viatour –

I’ve written a number of articles on the same and similar subjects. Several pointing to Penny’s articles and expanding on the subjects. Continue reading

Second Life: Do you see SL in comfort?

Updated: Nov 8, 2016

Kate Amdahl has posted an article titled: A Better Way to See in Second Life. It is inspired by Penny Patton’s articles on Scale and camera positions: The Improved SL Camera.

Default Camera Position Controls

Default Camera Position Controls

These tips came out in 2011. They inspired me to write my version: Second Life Camera Position Tips. I never run a viewer using the default camera position these days. I change them first thing.  Continue reading

Cheap Efficient Use of Second Life Land

Penny Patton is one of those people that think, which usually gets me in trouble. She has an article out titled Virtual Space/Infinite Space. Her paradigm for conceptualizing land in Second Life™ is different from how I suspect most people think of SL land.

Gift of a friend

Gift of a friend

If you are looking for land or feeling confined by borders or just looking to reduce the cost of tier then her article is something you will be happy to have found.

Virtually free land…

Penny Patton on Land Cost

I like to think I am well informed and think about issues related to the subjects that interest me, Second Life™ being one of them. However, Penny Patton often points out things I completely miss. She has a new article out on land cost and Land Impact costs on tier. It is well worth reading. See: The Cost of Second Life Land vs. The Perception of Value OR Land in SL is Cheap! I took a little liberty with the title.

Image by Penny Patton – Can you find her in both images?

Penny says her avatar is in both images. I found her in the top image. Click, it enlarges. But, have yet to find her in the bottom image.  Continue reading

Blender Measurements for Second Life

There is a good thread in the SL Forum for those that are interested in making to-scale objects with Blender. See: Getting a good measurement for SL within Blender.

Blender Units - by Aquila Kytori

Blender Units – by Aquila Kytori

Codewarrior Congrejo makes a suggestion in the thread that I use in my modeling. Put an avatar in the scene. I strongly urge furniture makers to go to the trouble to do that. I literally do not have ANY furniture that fits my avatar. Couches are ridiculous. The distance from the face of the back rest cushion to the front edge of the seat can be a couple of meters. WTH?

There are bits in the forum thread that may surprise even experienced Blender users.

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