Exodus Viewer Team Change

We haven’t seen anything on the Exodus Viewer blog since last August 2012. There have been some releases sense then. But, no news proper. Today, Sunday, I see there is a new post up.

It seems Clix Diesel and Ayamo that has lead the team for two years are turning over development of the Exodus Viewer to Katharine Berry. They say she will be lead developer and ‘owner’ of the viewer.

In software development ‘owner’ can mean something different that ‘owner’ of a car or house does. So, be careful what you read into that.

Clix and Ayamo site a lack of time to develop the viewer as the reason for their leaving the project.

See: Katharine Takes the Lead!

What does this mean for the Exodus Viewer? I have no idea.

2 thoughts on “Exodus Viewer Team Change

  1. While it is sad to see them move on after all their fine efforts it is good to see them handing over development to such an experienced developer. Katharine will have to fit any work in around her studies at MIT and other stuff, but she does seem to be an amazing talent.

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