Second Life News 2016 w/35


No rollouts this week, main or RC channels. Caleb Linden says they will be returning to the regular schedule of rollouts next week. It is vacation time.

Bianca II

Bianca II

I think this is the third week the main channel region I live in has not been restarted.I think the last restart was 8/9. Caleb has posted that if you region is having problems contact support and ask for a restart or file a JIRA describing the problems.

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Black Dragon Viewer Update 2016 w23

Last week the Black Dragon Viewer got some updates. One of the features appearing in viewers is RESET SKELETON. Black Dragon has added that feature. Also, the max draw distance is now 1024m. I suspect you’re going to need a high end computer to use that setting. I have problems using anything over 256m.

LOTD No.14

LOTD No.14

Lots of fixes in the latest release. Plus some default setting values change.

Niran wants to get more feedback on this viewer. I’m clueless as to how many people use the viewer. But, obviously they aren’t providing much feedback. No feedback, not much fixing or changing.

Use notecards via IM to report problems or feature requests. Niran asks for feedback in group chat but, doesn’t say when. I doubt Niran is on 24×7… So, you sort of take your chances. Note cards are sure to get to Niran.

See: Update “Reset Dragon”

Black Dragon Viewer

This release has some fixes and changes. See: Black Dragon Viewer – Update “Going Places”. My take is lots of things added in the last release were broken but fixed in this release.

BA - there be dragons

BA – there be dragons

Avatar Complexity Information is working. Every developer seems to have some problems with this feature. I think the Lab’s problems were the source. But, it seems to be getting cleaned up in general and it sounds like NiranV has it cleaned up in this release.

Third Party Viewers Week 44

This is a brief round up of the Third Party Viewers for Second Life that I find interesting. Not in any particular order. The popular feature to be adding is: Restore to Last Position. I explain that in the section on RLV.

RLV 2.9.15 Update

Marine has updated the RLViewer she maintains. She is adding in the feature from Firestorm and Kokua: Restore to Last Position. This is a controversial feature the Lindens have omitted from the Linden made viewer. It apparently generates too many support calls.

What's that sound?

What’s that sound?
[Good facial expression]

The controversy centers around a problem the feature creates. Imagine you have a parcel in, say, Fishergate and it is in the northwest corner of the region. You build and rez stuff into that parcel. You then take them into inventory. You go to a different region, say Furball, and get a parcel in its south central area. When you use Restore to Last Position to rez those items they will poof away. You will most likely find them rezzed at the 0,0,0 point in the region. Continue reading

Second Life Viewers Week 43

~Nice to meet you~

~Nice to meet you~

This week there are two updates from the Lab:

RC Second Life Notifications Viewer version – This is the one with changes in how notices are handled. Earlier I was wondering if the server change running on the RC Channels was related. No hard information, just speculation that there is probably a connection.  Continue reading

Second Life Viewers Week 35

From the Third Party Developers’ meeting last Friday we got some news. Not much from the Linden side. I am often wondering if there is really so little for them to talk about in regard to Second Life™ or if the community is wearing them down and they are talking less as a defense. We have been down that road before.

Fantasy uprising

Fantasy uprising


RC Second Life Project Oculus Rift Viewer version – This view is often left behind. Oz describes it as being ‘preempted’.  They have more important things to do and spend time on those rather than updating this version. I suspect few people are using this version as the Oculus type headsets it is designed for are not yet in retail release.  Continue reading

Black Dragon Viewer Update Week 30

NiranV has made a couple of recent releases of the Black Dragon Viewer, now at version Version 2.4.4 the previous version has a long list of fixes.

Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon

The big addition is for Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM). Or maybe the more important change is fixes to the RLV section of the viewer. Whichever is more important to you, the viewer is better.

VMM is coming to all the viewers. When your favorite viewer gets the feature is not all that important. The only think you cannot do without a VMM compatible viewer is add items to the marketplace. All other tasks can be handled through the marketplace web site.