Second Life News 2017 w/32


Corrections made 8/9

The main channel was updated with version # this morning, Tuesday. Last week the main channel was running version # Both of these are listed as having “internal changes”. Geek-speak for changing data reporting, debugging, and performance information… usually.

Street at sunset

Street at sunset

Blue Steel, Le Tigre, and Magnum were supposed to update to # tomorrow, Wednesday. But, Simon tells us that isn’t going to happen. There probably won’t be a restart as they restarted with last week’s update. The Lindens try to restart regions once every two-weeks even if there is no planned update.

No big problem, but enough of one the Lindens decided to hold the RC update back. It had to do with regions names not being applied correctly in the restart, so they never appeared to come online.

The Deploys thread is dying. There is very little discussion or information to be gleaned from reading the posts. They are basically a day, time, and link to release notes. So, I suspect fewer people are reading the posts. I expect the posts to go away at some point. Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w14

Caleb Linden sort of posts the new deploy information for server software. Those posts have gotten progressively shorter providing less and less information. We are down to it being a pasted in URL to the release notes.

Rustic Kitchen 3

Rustic Kitchen 3

This week we did get a roll to the main channel. The only stated change is a tweak to the ‘asset metrics stats’. I think this is for the change to deliver more assets by the Content Delivery Network (CDN). They are collecting information pre-change to CDN. You’ll see the new viewer needed to support this change in the viewer’s list.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2016 w51

I thought we would be in the no change window all this week. But, the Lindens have decided to roll last week’s RC update to the main channel… or they automated the forum posting like they did the status reports… naw.

♥ Believe in the Magic of Christmas ♥

♥ Believe in the Magic of Christmas ♥

The package rolling to the main channel is listed as having ‘improved internal server logging’. So, it makes sense to me that there is little likelihood of new bugs being introduced by adding and changing logging features. The week in testing probably revealed no performance change problems for this package. So, why not roll it out?  Continue reading

Second Life: Third Party Viewers and Project Bento

I don’t cover the Third-Party Viewers as much as I used to. I think Project Bento is a change that will make any viewer without Bento capability obsolete. Some Third Party Viewers are already Bento capable. Here is what I have found.



…and I may have made mistakes about which viewer does and doesn’t have Bento capability. If you see one please correct me.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2016 w/35


No rollouts this week, main or RC channels. Caleb Linden says they will be returning to the regular schedule of rollouts next week. It is vacation time.

Bianca II

Bianca II

I think this is the third week the main channel region I live in has not been restarted.I think the last restart was 8/9. Caleb has posted that if you region is having problems contact support and ask for a restart or file a JIRA describing the problems.

Continue reading

Black Dragon Viewer Update 2016 w23

Last week the Black Dragon Viewer got some updates. One of the features appearing in viewers is RESET SKELETON. Black Dragon has added that feature. Also, the max draw distance is now 1024m. I suspect you’re going to need a high end computer to use that setting. I have problems using anything over 256m.

LOTD No.14

LOTD No.14

Lots of fixes in the latest release. Plus some default setting values change.

Niran wants to get more feedback on this viewer. I’m clueless as to how many people use the viewer. But, obviously they aren’t providing much feedback. No feedback, not much fixing or changing.

Use notecards via IM to report problems or feature requests. Niran asks for feedback in group chat but, doesn’t say when. I doubt Niran is on 24×7… So, you sort of take your chances. Note cards are sure to get to Niran.

See: Update “Reset Dragon”

Black Dragon Viewer

This release has some fixes and changes. See: Black Dragon Viewer – Update “Going Places”. My take is lots of things added in the last release were broken but fixed in this release.

BA - there be dragons

BA – there be dragons

Avatar Complexity Information is working. Every developer seems to have some problems with this feature. I think the Lab’s problems were the source. But, it seems to be getting cleaned up in general and it sounds like NiranV has it cleaned up in this release.