Second Life News Week #27

SL News – General

Windows 10 Build 1903 – This is the current significant update from Microsoft. For now, it is an optional update.

In the SL community, a number of people have had issues after installing 1903. NVIDIA users have to use one of the newer viewers to avoid video issues when exiting the SL Viewer. The Lindens latest default viewer ( has a fix for the problem. The viewer will automatically install the update. You don’t need to do anything.

The What’s New video for Windows 10 is here…

Windows 10 1903 Optimization – This is another video that is an extensive guide. If you are trying to squeeze the most from your computer, this is the guide you will want. The changes he recommends are reversible.

Have you noticed? Shopping is a thing in Second Life. Enough so that in 2018 SL users took home RL US$64 million, per Ebbe Linden at the Meet the Lindens meetings last week.

I’ve decided that SL is the land of perpetual sales and fashion events. Steals & Deals is an actual website, not just an advertising line. It is that too. We see the line appearing on various blogs. Whichever it is, the words signal good pricing and value for money… not necessarily good stuff. This is often a quantity over quality thing. But, generally sales are interesting and there are hidden gems now and then.

The blogosphere has a load of sites promoting SL sales and fashion events. Seraphim is a longtime favorite of mine, and apparently of Google’s too. Grid Affairs is another events list, not particularly well-liked by Google or the Chrome browser. But, a decent list of current events. Teleport Hub has another events list. The site is a fashion blog with an events list. Flair for Events is a less frantic events list. Their real job is events planning. The list is to keep people up on just what they are doing not everyone’s else’s events.

The Lab has its own Shopping Events section in their SL Destination Guide. This list includes many well-known events and many events I’ve never heard of or seen listed anywhere else. UniK? Commotion? Driftwood? (SLURL – Gorgeous fantasy shopping) The list can be out of date. But, some of these events are great fun and worth one’s time.

Then there is a whole GACHA industry where designers and garage-sale-people engage in selling and reselling stuff. The mix of gambling and getting a deal combine in an addictive way for many. There is a profit to be made reselling RARE items.

One would expect there to be Gacha Event Lists… there sort of are. Generally, the lists are subsets of the big lists like Seraphim’s. Mostly the lists are like Gimme Gacha Productions’, which is behind GachaLand (Map URL), Gacha Garden, and The Imaginarium! They list events for only their events at these locations. All 3 are fun locations. Notice, the locations have their events in separate months, minimal overlap. This month, July, the event is in The Imaginarium!

Just for fun…

Cute animations…

Bang… the Internet went down this, Tuesday, morning. Those using Cloudflare ate it. But, only for a little while. See Cloudflare Issues Shut Down Millions of Websites


My home region in the main channel got an early morning restart and new simulator version, # Listed as Internal changes.

The RC channels Blue Steel, Le Tigre, and Magnum will continue to run #, which they ran last week. So, all regions are on the same version this week.


The main viewer is – Rainbow, June 5, 2019, Released week #24.

  • Bakes On Mesh – – NEW – Tuesday, June 25, 2019, week #26.
  • EEP – – Thursday, June 6, 2019, week #23.
  • Love Me Render – – NEW – Wednesday, June 26, 2019, week #26. From the release notes, “Note: for Mac displays with HiDPI support, retina display mode will be enabled by default. This will generally give you a sharper display but a lower frame rate. If you want to disable HiDPI display, go to the preference settings page Me->Preferences->Graphics->Advanced Settings, and uncheck the box “Enable support for HiDPI displays (requires restart)”; then restart the viewer.”
  • Maintenance – – NEW – Thursday, June 27, 2019, week #26. This release has a couple of dozen fixes and changes.
  • Second Life Project Legacy Profiles – – Released Wednesday, June 5, 2019, week #23.

I was expecting another update of BoM. The Lindens think BoM is close to release. But, whatever…

Other Viewers

This morning a number of Singularity users are suffering Bake Fail, their avatar remaining a cloud. Word is a fix was put in the Singularity test cue, 7667 is the version number people are referring to. But, at the Server-Scripting UG meeting, we got first-hand news from the one compiling Singularity. See Singularity Viewer Goes Sideways.

Black Dragon 64x – Update 3.5.1 “Searching Dragon” – Another small round of fixes.

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