AvaStar 2.0 Beta 29

Machinimatrix has a new beta release out. You can get it on your product’s page… may be.

My page still shows 2.0-beta-23 as the main candidate (green new). But, we’ve been warned not to use that one… Below with a red test button is 2.0-beta-29. Seems there is a 2.0-beta-28 some think doesn’t work… I’ve never seen it. To see some releases you apparently have to have an open trouble tickets… why? Gaia says so you can see if your issues have been fixed… So, I suppose the rest of us can forget working with Bento for now…

If you are somewhat confused, join the crowd.

The read-me file link doesn’t seem to work correctly. So, I can’t see what any differences from previous versions and 29 are.

The Trouble Ticket system has been fixed to allow some previously blocked file type to upload.

Second Life: Project Bento Update 2016 w42

We got a new Bento RC viewer this week. I was using it to video this meeting. In the first part of the meeting Vir Linden updates  us on fixes to the viewer and its remaining problems.


00:00 – The first 40 seconds have no sound because no one was talking. So, I sped up the video and shrunk 3+ minutes down to 40 seconds. Later in the video you’ll see silent parts of the video speed up. Continue reading

AvaStar Update 2016 w41

Some of us have been wondering what all is going on with AvaStar. We know they are adding support for the new Bento avatar. I had heard people ask for Developer Kit support. So, if you have wanted to make things that fit Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, and other mesh bodies you had to figure out how to integrated the kit to the AvaStar system. Looks like that is a problem that will go away.

Gaia Clary, Machinimatrix, has a promotional video out:

devkits from The Machinimatrix on Vimeo.

Gaia keeps doing this, restricting where the video can be embedded. For a promotional video it is silly. It sucks. But, you can click and jump to the video.

The current alpha, beta, whatever version of AvaStar is: avastar-2.0-23_blender-2-77. The main production version is: avastar-1.7-2_blender-2-77.

Have you seen AvaStar.online?

Blender 2.78 Released Today

A new Blender release is out: 2.78. You can download it here: Blender 2.78 download.

Blender 2.78 Release Sept 30, 2016

Blender 2.78 Release Sept 30, 2016

There are new features that will help Second Life users. The full list of features is here: Blender 2.78 Release Logs. Interesting ones for SL users are:

  • Viewport Rendering – Improvements in texture display
  • Cloth Physics – New Dynamic Base Mesh and Simulation Speed option
  • Cycles Render Engine – Faster easier
  • Modeling – New tools
  • User Interface – Better snap, new eyedropper, and something about operators

There are more changes. For instance, Animation & Rigging improvements that may or may not help us. It is hard to say clearly because we are limited in what aspects SL actually supports. But, a number of improvements will provide better work flow and make some tasks easier. So, depending on how you work these may help you, probably.

I have not yet tried AvaStar 2 with Blender 2.78. No one in the Blender-AvaStar group spoke up when I asked. So, I’ll just have to try it.