AvaStar 2.0-Alpha-3 Update

AvaStar, the Blender add-on for Second Life animation, has released a new update. The details are here: Avastar-2.0-alpha_3_blender-2-77. This is not a version for regular use. It requires that you use the Project Bento viewer to upload the animations made with it. You can upload to either the main or preview grids.

This release has a new avatar and the latest Project Bento skeleton. I suspect that there is a free updated skeleton somewhere. But, I have not yet gone looking for it.

There are some bugs in this version. Read the article at Machinimatrix for the details. Most of the problems have work-arounds.


Blender Materials Source

I see a new site offering inexpensive materials for use in Blender. Of course there is the question of whether those materials can be used in Second Life. It looks like they can and cannot… I’ll explain.

Cycles Material Vault

Cycles Material Vault

A Blender Material is very different than the materials we use in Second Life™. In SL we use different textures for the diffuse, specular, and normal layers along with a few settings. In Blender a material is a collection of textures and settings that work ONLY inside Blender. There are way more settings in Blender than in SL. The two material formats are incompatible. So, the material as sold is unusable in SL.  Continue reading

Second Life: Project Bento Update Week 13

Again I didn’t make it to the Bento meeting. Inara did and has her coverage and some audio here: Project Bento User Group update 10 with audio.

Last week a new project viewer was released, version This has bone changes and some bones’ name changes. While it is hoped this is the last change to the skeleton, work on attaching Appearance Sliders to the bones may show a need for additional changes.  Continue reading

Second Life: Handy Blender Add-ons

I found some Blender Add-ons that have been around for a while. I’m just seeing them. I list them after the video. I see ways to use some of them with my Second Life™ creations.

  1. UV Squares – As you saw in the video some surfaces/shapes just don’t unwrap the way we would like. This add-on helps with that problem in some cases.
  2. Vertices to Grease Pencil – The example in the video shows this is not a major player. But, I can see where it would be handy for me.
  3. BoolTool – I can see where this would be way handy when I am making ‘things’. I don’t see much use for clothes…
  4. Node Wrangler – I suppose if I were good with nodes this would be handy… I’m still learning and my understanding of nodes is shallow, so…
  5. One Vertex Mesh – I didn’t understand…
  6. Ivy Generator – I think this could be awesome if you wanted to add ivy to a building…
  7. Multi Edit – OH! This has possibilities. Not having to change from Edit to Object to Edit mode to change which object I can edit looks way handy.
  8. Floor Generator – This looks handy. In Second Life people just have to remember this is not for making the hi-poly LoD object. It is for making the hi-poly model used to bake the normal map for a lower hi-poly LoD.
  9. F2 – Meh. I don’t see where I would use it. But, I can see where some might like it.
  10. Sapling – I don’t usually need to make trees…
  11. Parent to Empty – This is for the more advanced, I suppose. I have uses for it in some of my models, but not often.