Blender 2.78 RC2 Released

The announcement is here: Blender 2.78 RC2. Earlier this month I wrote Blender 2.78 Release Candidate is now available. It gives you a bit on what is in this release. We are nearing release of the final 2.78 version.

Current AvaStar Releases

Current AvaStar Releases

Archived Versions of AvaStar

Archived Versions of AvaStar

AvaStar is now on alpha release 2.0-23 for Blender 2.77… If you are confused by the version numbering, so am I. The last version I downloaded was 2.0 Alpha-10. Asking in the AvaStar-Blender group I’m told Matrice said drop the alpha… and that Gaia does the numbering… and that they are just generally inconsistent… I took that as nobody knew.

What they were sure of is: AvaStar 2,0 is still in Alpha. I’m not sure that is so. What I do think is the case is 2.0-23 is not the final release but a beta or RC version. We may find out Thursday at the Bento UG meeting.

Second Life News 2016 w37

The main channels are getting a roll today, Tuesday. This update is described as a security update. The release notes describe the update a minor changes, logging changes.

[ kunst ] - Cinema lightbox

[ kunst ] – Cinema lightbox

The RC channels remain as is, no update.


The main viewer remains, as of this morning. The same as last week.  Continue reading

AvaStar 2 Alpha 7 Released

Gaia Clary has released AvaStar 2 Alpha 7. This version has what we think is the final avatar skeleton. The big change in this version is Matrice has the Blender-AvaStar sliders working as they do in Second Life, an impressive feat.

We still have to use the Bento Project Viewer to see and upload Bento animations. The project is active on the main grid. So, we can seriously start yo play with Project Bento.

I think the big result of Project Bento will be way better mesh heads. I’ve avoided them because I hate the frozen-in-place expressions. That will be a thing of the past.

See the announcement here: AvaStar 2 Alpha 7. If you purchased AvaStar 2, you can download this version from the Machinimatrix web site’s Product Page.

Blender Art

I haven’t been working with Blender lately. RL work and sort of waiting for Project Bento to move into RC status. But, I do skim the Blender news and art. One of the interesting places to look is Where I came across this 3D picture.

If you aren’t familiar with 3D miages; the icon in the lower left is the clue it is a 3D image, click  inside it and drag, roll the mouse wheel to zoom. Once the model is loaded you can click into VR or Full Screen.

New User Blender Tutorial on a Card

Blender has a reputation for being hard to learn. After using it for 10±  years I have say hard isn’t the word, never-ending is more like it.

In Second Life™ bloggers don’t take on training Blender noobies. We send them to YouTube and point them at various online tutorials. But, Blender changes fast enough that the noobie tutorials fall out of date quickly. Updates are slow coming. So… Learn Blender with a Poster: massive restyling is a handy new reference for beginners…

Blender Poster 2016

Blender Poster 2016

If I use it, does that mean I’m a beginner? Sometimes I think so. Whatever it makes me, I like the card and plan to keep it handy. I may even print it out on 11×17 for my wall.

Jump to the article for a link to the Hi-Rez copy of the image. I started with a smaller image and WordPress shrinks it some more in the upload. So, if you plan to print it, get the good source.

Project Bento Update Video 2016 w32

This is an interesting update on the current bugs and progress on the head bones. Matrice Laville, the programmer for AvaStar speaks about several issues.

One of the people working with Bento is totally frustrated. She provides us a textbook case of victimization and projection. Wow. She is having problems with the Bento Collada file in the SL Wiki dated Aug 6th. Even after several people downloaded and checked the file during the meeting then told her the file was complete but had bone position issues, which were talked about earlier, she couldn’t hear them.  Continue reading