What is AVASTAR doing?

If you are an AvaStar user, you paid about US$22 for the program. It was supposed to come with lifetime updates. The developer had no idea what they were promising when they set that financial model. They are finding to stay in business they are going to have to make some changes. They announced those changes a couple of days ago.

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PAGE 319

See: Avastar new Product Definitions

We now have two products; Avastar-1 (Infinite support) & Avastar-2 (Annual renewal). Sounds like AvaStar-1 is the way to go. But, realize that AvaStar-1 is what people have purchased up to this point. It is this product that is sort of coming to an end.  Continue reading

Second Life AvaStar Users: Win L$5,000

Machinimatrix is offering ten prizes of L$5,000 for those helping improve the documentation for AvaStar 1.6. They seem to be taking a new tack with new documentation. Read the deals of the prize offer.

lisabellia photos

lisabellia photos

Spelling mistakes and minor corrections are not what they are looking for and are unlikely to win a prize.

There are still pay-to-watch tutorial classes. But, the manual appears to provide all the basics of AvaStar.

Blender Interesting – Sansar

This is just a fun video showing what one person made in Blender.

I wonder about making a comparison between Blender and Project Sansar. It is obviously more technically complicated to make a yard, house, and environment in Blender than it is in Second Life™. The learning curve in SL is high but Blender has a much higher learning curve.

So, will Sansar be a Blender-like creative tool with an intuitive user interface and presets for worlds? We will have to wait to find out.

Did you notice how the facial expressions used? I expect this level of facial control in the Sansar avatars.

AvaStar Passwords

Don’t lose your AvaStar purchase information. Gaia has announced that starting now they will not be assisting people to recover their purchase ID’s. Apparently too many people were losing their keys and using up too much time.

Kaelyn's B-day party

Kaelyn’s B-day party

Gaia has provided various ways to recover your purchase ID. So, one really has to spaced out not to be able to recover their information. You have to have forgotten which email you used, which avatar name, and the purchase date. Continue reading

Blender: Restore Your Settings

When upgrading Blender there is an option to bring your settings forward from the previous install. Unfortunately, if you start using Blender and do not click the button, the next time you open Blender the button is gone. There is probably some way to get back to it, but no one seems to know how. So, there is a way to manually move your settings to the new install of Blender.

Blender Nation posted a link to this video.

Somewhere in the past I wrote a text tutorial on how to do this. But, this is a really nice, quick, well done video, so a link to my article is pointless.

You can also copy the two files he shows you to a safe place to be a backup of your settings.