Blender Tricks & Developer Notes

5 Little Known Tricks in Blender’s Outliner

This is an interesting tutorial on using the Blender outliner. See 5 Tricks for the original post.

Blender Developer Notes

Blender developers meet to discuss which directions to take Blender and which features to prioritize and schedule for release with the next version. For us we get a glimpse of what may be coming to make our modeling lives easier.

See the latest notes here: Developer Meeting Notes: October 12, 2014.

We do learn there may be a Blender 2.72a release this week to fix a couple of bugs that made it through all the testing.

In a couple of weeks we will learn what they have decided to include for release 2.73. One possibility is Stereo 3D… I wonder if that means Oculus type 3D… wouldn’t that be a rush?

There are side projects that apparently are not part of the main development thread. That lets them stay outside the scheduling, I suppose. They are added when they are done. One of those is refactoring Materials Nodes for better multi-threaded operation. That should speed up our bake times for complex items.

Bits of Second Life 2014-41


I have seen a little about nVidia’s new graphics cards, the 970 and 980 cards. The Road to VR has a good article on the new video cards. For those thinking about Oculus Rift this is an informative article. See: Big News for VR: Nvidia’s New Graphics Cards.

NVIDIA 980 - 10/2014

NVIDIA 980 – 10/2014

For 3D to work, whatever type, the system needs to render the world from two camera positions. This literally doubles the work the card must do. Fortunately, the texture handling, loading and unloading, doesn’t double too.

The article points out how the new cards are optimized for duel image processing.

Top 10 Hunts

Fabulously Free has their list of the top ten hunts out. See: FabFree Hunts. Most have a Halloween theme.  Continue reading

Blender 2.72 Released

On Oct 4 a new Blender version was released. Get it here.

Blender 2.72 - 2014-10-06

Blender 2.72 – 2014-10-06

It is an 86mb download, assuming you get the Zip file for the stand-alone install. I highly advise using the Zip file over the install program. It is much easier to have and run muiltiple versions of Blender using this install method.

Avastar-1.2 Released

The AvaStar RC has finally moved out of RC status to final version. You can read the details here: Avastar-1.2 is Out. Gaia is linking to an older video that givs an overview of AvaStar 1.1. I found it surprisingly up to date with the current AvaStar release.

The information on AvaStar 1.2 says it runs on Blender 2.70 and newer.

The listed new changes are:

  • Optimized for better and easier workflows
  • Support for Fitted Mesh.
  • Many improvements under the hood
  • Updated documentation

I find it easier to use YouTube when I want to find a particular AvaStar tutorial. See: Gapa Clary.